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Social Currency

Social Media Marketing - Why ? Because the world and we humans have evolved and you have to be in business for the long-haul because short-term-ism and complacency will kill your business stone dead! Alternatively - Social Media Marketing can help your business to evolve, grow and prosper as you accrue Social Currency. How Can a Small Business - Accrue Social Currency ? Importantly: In exactly the same way the global mega-brands do! The Internet levels the playing field for all players, its not the player with the biggest budget that wins, its the player with knowledge of how to leverage … [Read more...]

My Favourite Social Author

Seth Godin is my Favourite Author for two really cool reasons. Firstly I don't read physical books, I do not have the time. But I spend a lot of time reading blogs and stuff online and on my iPhone using my6Sense Seth writes a daily blog which is delivered to my PC and my iPhone, It's a great blog because he writes really sophisticated stuff in bite-size-chunks which even I can understand. Its very educational for any person, of any age, any gender and any occupation. I reccomend that you sign up to Seth's Blog Even Cooler than Seth's Blog are Seth's Audio Books. Search for Seth Godin … [Read more...]

Pesky Website Salesmen

Business is a Battle Being Fought Online and if your Online Marketing Strategy ain’t up to the fight, your business is going down! No if’s, No Butt’s, you have to be up-for-the-fight and be prepared to invest in the best weapons to win. We are not the cheapest design firm, but we do offer the very best value for money and return on your website investment. I am not a web designer (am really) I am a general helping you to build your battle-plan to take down those pesky competitors. Website and Online Marketing Prices Because you have to work to budgets and you want to know how much your … [Read more...]

FourSquare Mobile Phone Application

With so many smart phone applications available its hard to decide which ones to use and which might be beneficial to your business. OK for many of us the aps are about playing games and socialising, but business users need to be wary of how much time they spend "playing" with their smart mobile phones. Foursquare is my favorite app because I can have a great deal of fun with it socialising with friends but more importantly it is a great opportunity to put my business on a fast emerging, important global social map. Foursquare will be as big as Twitter in the near future and in my … [Read more...]

Foraging Your Website

The Levy flight - By Seth Godin - Shared with our Readers. Clay Shirky taught me this very cool mathematical concept that shows up in nature, and now in marketing and social media. Levy-flight-100000 An animal that forages will hang out in a small area, looking for nuts or berries, then will realize it has used up all the likely sources in this spot. It will then head off in a random direction, walk many paces, and start foraging again. When you plot the Levy flight, it looks like this: Someone discovers your site. They poke and prod and join and return and return again. Then they feel … [Read more...]