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Website Design Testimonial for Mick Say

"Mick, the site rocks!!! Thank you! I know I will finally have an award winning website, thanks to you. This makes me feel good. My previous experiences with websites have been very frustrating but so far, working with you every step of the way has been fantastic. I feel comfortable and confident. Thank you again for your great work and professionalism” Sandra Plasencia Casanova – Business Owner Havana Nights Nails and Spa Chicago I am very happy with the results, thanks to "the hand behind the scenes". As I have told you before, I am very satisfied with your work and I love the … [Read more...]

Michael Oon Website Management Testimonial

Michael Oon SEO and Website Management Testimonial If you want a successful business web site, you need visitors and then to get the purchase conversions from the visit. However, if you are relying to get visitors from the web, you need to be on the first page of the relevant keywords of the search engines. If you are not, you are probably struggling with getting visitors. This in turns adds to issues to the performance of the web site. With these issues, I have been looking for a web designer with a business background and expertise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in the … [Read more...]

Vicky Robinson, Childrens Entertainer

When you need a top childrens entertainer look no further than Vicky Robinson! I found Vicky to be interesting because she is focused in what she does and she has great pride and integrity. Vicky’s personal Mission Statement is to be successful, respected and financially independent through determination while maintaining my integrity. Vicky’s Career path is as a Children’s Entertainer for Activity based Birthday Parties, she is a degree educated as a Primary School Teacher having previously taught in various schools and also ran play schemes in the school holidays. Vicky went … [Read more...]

Thomas Power

Thomas Power Ecademy Chairman Thomas Power is a futurist and a social media leader and commentator. Thomas is highly respected throught the world on subjects relating to Online Technologies, Media, Marketing, the internet and how these relate to connecting people within social and business circles. Thomas is a global communicator who coined the word "connectedness" in relation in to how we humans are evolving and merging with the internet to communicate in our everyday lives and how this will impact on near future generations. Thomas's core purpose is "Teaching People" Follow Thomas on … [Read more...]

Shire Horses

I really liked this blog where I read about Shire Horses … [Read more...]

Twitter Money Myth and Madness

Did you hear the one about "Make Big Money on Twitter" ? If it wasn't so scary it would be funny, but of course its serious stuff because unscrupulous Internet marketers and uninformed Internet affiliates are having a negative affect on unsuspecting people and business owners who believe the hype. Any person who buys into these get rich quick or build thousands of Twitter Followers Fast schemes will be A. Disappointed, B. Get suspended by Twitter, C. Lose their investment, D. become disillusioned with Twitter, and F. be thoroughly pissed off by the experience! Social Media Strategy with … [Read more...]

Website Design in a Web 2.0 World

Website Design: The vast majority of our website work comes from website owners who have realised that their current website is a drain on financial and physical resources without delivering a return on their investment and in most cases they have had to admit that many of their websites don't even look good! Old Static websites simply cannot cut-it in this Web 2.0 world: A website needs to communicate with the visitor and we're not talking the "contact us" page. Allowing an open and responsive opportunity for the visitor to add comments and expect an immediate response should be the rule … [Read more...]