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When FaceBook Becomes a Bank

The high-street banks, and mega-brand financial institutions are all under attack, in many cases even without their knowledge. Their foundations are been quietly chipped away and are becoming increasingly weak. But where is the attack coming from and who is the enemy? The enemy is within, senior executives, marketers, branch managers and loan approvers, very few of whom really understand how the world has changed outside of their glass towers. I am not having a go at the banks and for sure I want to see them survive because the alternative is too horrible to contemplate, when FaceBook … [Read more...]

Open Random and Supportive Networks

Traditionally Corporations are Closed, Selective, and Controlling but to survive and prosper in the FaceBook and Twitter era they must become Open, Random and Supportive. Thomas Power Explains. … [Read more...]

Hello to my Twitter Friends

Thank You for following me on Twitter. My mission in is to help UK businesses to excel online, to help them grow their businesses via more personal social interactions, we do this in two ways: 1. We provide clients with State-or-the-Art Online Marketing Platforms 2. We provide clients with the very latest Social Media training If your not following me on Twitter yet please click here for my Twitter profile: @micksay, and if you are a prospective new client please don't hesitate to ring me on +44 7719 061 835 … [Read more...]

Why I Like, and Benefit from eCademy

Video Blog: by Mick Say 2nd July 2010. … [Read more...]