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How to Add a YouTube Video’s to Ecademy Pages

How to add a YouTube Video to your Ecademy Company Page. How to add a YouTube Video to your Ecademy Profile Page. Digital Coach Series Mick Say is a Digital Coach who supports UK Businesses with Online and Social Media Marketing Projects. From hooking up the CEO's Smart phone to helping with a global, corporate online marketing strategy. … [Read more...]

Is Free Love like a free lunch? (internet)

Is Free Love like a free lunch ? (internet) Everywhere we turn in the online and social media world we are being bombarded with offers to join this and that for free, and then there is the never ending stream of emails from so called friends, contacts and followers telling you about the latest must have online tool that they just had to tell you about. A popular trend for the past couple of years has been “free love” meaning that online marketers will give something enticing away for free in return for a name and email address. Unfortunately though, for every high-quality freebie with … [Read more...]

Avoiding Online Identity Theft in Social Media

During our social media training courses delegates frequently ask the Digital Coach how to protect against online identity theft.Its a fair question and one which is important and relativity easy to answer. As more and more of us engage in social media marketing activities the identity thieves and fraudsters have a bigger audience of prey to choose from. So please watch our short video where we have prepared essential advice and guidance about how to stay safe online. … [Read more...]