Digital Coach: What is a Digital Coach?

What is a Digital Coach

What is a Digital Coach?

The term Digital Coach can be misleading today because not many people know what a Digital Coach is ! That’s cool because the Digital Coach is a relativity new Job Category which will develop over the next five years. In five years time there will be thousands of Digital Coaches and everyone will know what a Digital Coach is and what a Digital Coach does.

What is a Digital Coach?

Whenever I present my self as a Digital Coach, people ask me what does a Digital Coach do?

To answer the question think about the terms Digital Telephone, Digital Camera, Digital Images, Digital Design , Digital TV, Digital Radio, Digital Video and Digital Broadcasting.

Then think of other digital technologies such as Mobile Telephones, Laptops, Computers, Websites and Blogs, and then think about the advancements in the internet which use digital technologies such as Social Media and the host of platforms such as Twitter, FaceBook, Linked in and Ecademy which were all made possible by new digital technology.

Now you are starting to build a picture of the Digital World in which we now live and it will be (is) the function of the Digital Coach to help individuals and businesses to leverage digital tools and resources for the advancement of their businesses.

The Digital Coach is a Specialist

Because the digital world is so big, no one Digital Coach could possibly be an expert in all digital genres, so each Digital Coach will have a particular specialty, something which they are an expert in. Mick Say, founder of the Online Marketing Academy is a Digital Coach whom is expert in Website Development, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing.

Although Mick is strong with website technology, he has no experience with Graphic and Digital Design or Digital Video. Today any self respecting business from sole trader to corporate mega-brand needs to have a unique online strategy and a unique physical look. The corporate website will be the hub of their future digital and total business marketing strategy so all of these new digital technologies will have to be incorporated and this will be the job of the Digital Coach.

The Digital Coach is a Facilitator

So the Digital Coach becomes a facilitator because long gone are the days when a small company can employ a vast team of website developers, graphic designers, photographers, digital video producers and so on.

The Digital Coach will be connected to people with all the skills relevant to online and digital marketing. Therefore a business can commission a Digital Coach to work with them to drive their online projects and then either teach direct staff to maintain online projects or the Digital Coach could be retained to oversee online projects dependent on client wants and needs.

The Digital for Small Business

As a Digital Coach for small businesses Mick Say will research, design and deliver complete online marketing projects for clients. From website design and development through content creation and delivery of a completed website and online marketing strategy. Mick will then teach his clients how to maintain and grow their website and to develop their business online.

Digital Coach for Large Business

For larger businesses with budget available to utilise all digital technologies, the Digital Coach will be the project manager and he or she will bring together all relevant digital experts to complete the project.

Organisations can make substantial savings because they no longer need to directly employ expensive departmental experts and administrators. The digital world is making our world a very small place. With the economy in chaos the Digital Coach can be a businesses beast friend.

The Digital Coach blog is an ongoing case study of how Mick Say is working as a Digital Coach with several large and small businesses to facilitate their online marketing strategies.

About Mick Say

Mick Say is an Online Business Development and Online Marketing Consultant. Mick's goal is to help businesses to develop meaningful On-line Marketing Strategies via Websites designed to inform and sell.