Digital Coach up Close and Personal

Your Personal Digital CoachAny kind of knowledge sharing is better achieved with the involvement of a human in it.

For example, a simple concept taught by a expert is better understood than when a book containing the same concept is read. That is human psychology and no one can refute that.

A Digital Coach is a Person!

As the Digital Coaching phenomenon begins to gather pace there will be many people, who will try to leverage the popularity of the genre by selling online coaching NOT supported by a person: IE, the Digital Coach.

When a Digital Coach engages with a client it will be in person or by telephone, email, Skype and video phone. Yes there will be many opportunities to use online video training and eBooks etc, but there must be a human interaction between the Digital Coach and the client. Otherwise the relationship is not one of “coaching”.

Digital Coach’s Consultation

There are very few businesses that are identical and therefore there are very few “packages” that will be right for individual people or businesses. I do not argue that interactive training which does not involve a person can’t be beneficial, but it is always the personal touch and the availability of the Digital Coach which will lend its success to any project or learning exercise.

For a coach of any kind to be of benefit to their client there must first be a detailed consultation, only then can the coach recommend a viable course of action.

The Digital Coach consultation will (or should) involve an in-depth brief from the client followed by a structured analysis of the brief and the clients business by the Digital Coach. Only when this has been done can the coaching process begin.

This is a process we call Identify, Analyse and Solve.

Before Digital Coaching Begins

Before the Digital Coach begins working with a client there should be agreement of what the client expects and what the Digital Coach is going to deliver. This should not be left to chance otherwise costs could spiral out of control and both parties could be disappointed with the result.

In support of the need for a consultation it would be impossible to determine the cost of coaching without establishing goals, objectives and the desired outcome.

The Digital Coach

As a Digital Coach Mick Say meets with clients, prospects and suppliers in person when possible, but there are many occasions when this is not possible or necessary. In the case of digital design, website development and the engineering of online marketing strategies all research and pre-coaching preparation can be done at a distance. Even across countries.

Mick Say currently works with clients as far flung as Japan, Saudi Arabia, the USA and Canterbury! Miles today mean nothing to the accomplished Digital Coach.

If you would like to engage with a Digital Coach regarding your companies online marketing, social media or business development strategies please contact the Digital Coach via the contact page.

About Mick Say

Mick Say is an Online Business Development and Online Marketing Consultant. Mick's goal is to help businesses to develop meaningful On-line Marketing Strategies via Websites designed to inform and sell.