Outsource to a Personal Digital Coach?

Personal Digital Coach

Personal Digital Coach

If you are like most business owners you will wear several hats. Small business owners are a hardy breed by nature and are typically not afraid to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and get involved in all aspects of their business, including online marketing!

From brainstorming an idea to developing the concept the small business owner does it all. However, problems arise as the business become more successful. The business begins to thrive and increase in complexity and completing the myriad of different tasks for what would be several different departments in any other business is no longer feasible.

Is this where your Personal Digital Coach Comes in ?

This is when it is important to know what aspects of your work you could outsource to other qualified individuals such as a Digital Coach. A Personal Digital Coach can be an extension to your team if you can get your head around outsourcing work from copy-writing and website design, to Social Media Marketing and online business development.

Outsourcing elements of your work such as Website Design and copy writing to the Digital Coach enables the business owner to retain control of crucial elements of the business such as working with existing clients whilst the Digital Coach works to your brief to promote the business to new prospects and markets by utilising their online marketing expertise.

The Digital Coach, Copy Writing and Website Design?

Competition in every category and niche is going to get tougher in this decade and business is going to be a game played on line! Quite literally if your business cannot be found online then in the eyes of your clients and prospects your business will cease to exist!

To compete, nay, to beat your competition to the customers you will not only need to be found online but when you are found, your website visitors had better be impressed with what they see and read on your website!

It stands to reason that if you are not trained in and expert in copy writing, SEO and website design then it will be impossible for you to build a platform to represent your business online. To be blunt, only a fool would try! Hire a Digital Coach, the experience will be more rewarding than you think.

Leave the Copywriting to the Professionals!

The copy writing required for a website or an online marketing campaign is one of the first things which you should consider outsourcing.

The content you display on your websites, as well as in press releases and sales letters is likely to be the first impression prospects get of your business. Logically, it makes sense that your copy should be well written, concise, informative accurate, persuasive and above all else search engine optimised (SEO). With so many other strains and constraints on your time it should be obvious to you that this work should be completed by a professional copywriter in conjunction with your Digital Coach.

The services of a quality copywriter, especially one skilled in search engine optimisation (SEO), is going to be a significant expense with most copywriters charging a minimum of £40.00 per 600 words page for optimised content. However, experienced business owners recognise the value of quality website copy and are willing to pay these fees because they know they will be more than compensated by the success of their online marketing.

Let the Digital Coach Design and Optimise Your Website

We have already discussed how copy writers with SEO skills are a valuable commodity but it is also important to note that Digital Coaches with website designer and SEO skills are critical to the success of an organisations Internet marketing efforts.

Good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is critical because high search engine rankings can drive a huge volumes of traffic to a website. Internet users today rely on search engines to find the most useful information and as a result it is not likely these users, web surfers, PROSPECTS will visit websites buried on the third or fourth page of Google.

More realistically, they will visit links in the first page of search results and find the answers they are seeking, there without needing to search further. Did you know that the first organic listing on Google gets 44% of the click through traffic? Imagine what this could mean for your business.

This is why it is so important for businesses to invest in the services of and experienced Digital Coach who is expert in Website Design, Copy Writing and SEO.

The Digital Coach and Search Engine Optimisation

Keyword density and “meta-management” is one component of SEO which is usually handled by the copywriter in conjunction with the website developer. However, there are many other SEO strategies which can be incorporated into a website to boost rankings.

These strategies include careful selection of domain names and titles, the experienced use of meta and alt tags and clean, fresh website design which includes easy to follow navigation and other functions.

These are just a few of the most basic SEO strategies which the Digital Coach which include in your website. SEO is not a simple process, it requires years of training and experience. For these reasons hiring a Digital Coach with SEO experience is critical to the success of of any website or online marketing campaign.

My advice is to speak to a Personal Digital Coach experienced in online strategy before you invest any money in any form of online marketing.

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