Digital Coach? What is Digital Coaching?

Digital Coach? What is Digital Coaching?

What is Digital Coaching?

Digital Coach ? What is Digital Coaching?
There is a real buzz around the phrase Digital Coach, more and more people are asking what the hec is Digital Coaching? It’s a fair question and one which I blame Seth Godin for. (Nice one Seth)

On January 19th 2008 Seth wrote a blog entitled “A shortage of Digital Coaches” He was spot on the money so to speak because, two years since writing the blog the Digital Coaching genre is really starting to gather pace. Why?
(Seth’s foresight was inspirational by the way)

So What is Digital Coaching?

I have already written several blogs about what a Digital Coach is but there is still grey area surrounding the question what is Digital Coaching?

I can only answer this question in three parts so bear with me please 🙂

What is Digital Coaching? Part 1

Reference to the above image will give readers a clue. OK the image is a little tongue in cheek but what it is meant to depict is that if you as an individual or as a business owner feel that your digital technology, your computer hardware or software, or your website or even your interaction with social media is old, or not working or needs a little expert help then today you would first call for the assistance of a digital coach before splashing out any money on upgrading your stuff of your strategy.

What is Digital Coaching? Part 2

Here we go: Think about the difference between a “Coach” and a “Consultant”

You would call in a “consultant” when you know exactly what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it, but you don’t have the in-house experience to do it, or it would not be cost effective to hire a full time team member to do it.

On the other hand you would hire a “coach” when you have a goal but you don’t know how to proceed to progress meaningfully towards that goal. So if your issue has anything to do with digital technology, the online world or social media you would hire a Digital Coach to help.

What is Digital Coaching? Part 5

The Digital Coach believes that individuals posses huge potential to resolve their own issues. The Digital Coach brings on preconceived ideas or judgment, but simply acts as a catalyst for change.

The client remains responsible for the situation and the solutions the Digital Coach always places focus on what the client thinks and experiences.

The Digital Coach believes that clients can generate brilliant solutions that best fit their circumstances, because “coaching” is about helping clients to learn rather than teaching them.

Digital Coaching

Digital Coach focuses on future possibilities and not past failures, the Digital Coach believes in the value and uniqueness of every client.

So I think that the watchword here is decide if Digital Coaching is right for your circumstance or would you be better suited with a consultant or trainer who will simply help you to implement the changes which you seek?

I hope that this blog has helped the reader to understand the difference between Digital Coaching and consultancy, but if it not clear, of if you would like to discuss Digital Coaching further please drop Mick Say, the Digital Coach at the Online Marketing Academy a line for an informal chat.

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