What Part Does The Digital Coach Play in Social Media?

Social Media and the Digital Coach

Social Media - Digital Coach

The Digital Coach in Social Media?

Businesses are understandably still very cautious about investing time and money into social media. There is a lot of hype around Twitter and Facebook and other Social Business/Networking platforms such as Ecademy and LinkedIn. But is the Hype convincing enough?

I think not yet, but don’t dismiss this as negativity towards social media.

Social Media will continue to grow as a marketing phenomenon in the coming decade as more consumers dip their spoon in the social soup. In a few short years time as technology and broadband becomes cheaper and easier to use there will be a huge surge towards digital communication and social media.

As the current global population of pre-teens and young adults become bread-winners the companies whom have not invested in digital technology and social media will wish that they did!

Talk to a Digital Coach About Social Media Engagement

The future of selling anything will rely on the sellers ability to “create the desire to buy” via online and network conversation. Sales will happen as a consequence of good social interaction and the creation of a community around your product or service.

The Digital Coach is a leader in social media and digital communication platforms, he or she will be an expert in meaningful social media engagement, and how to create conversations around a brand, product or service.

Digital Coaches are Early Adopters

OK so this is the internet so 80% of the people who purport to be a digital coach will try to sell you a gismo, a gadget or a series of videos which will deliver 10’s of thousands of visitors to your website or make you a millionaire by next Tuesday “GUARANTEED”

If you sign up to Twitter today you will be bombarded by hundreds of social media consultants all promising to get you thousands of Twitter followers in the blink of an eye and increase your bottom line quicker than you can type. “what a load of bollocks”

Social Media Strategy is sophisticated, it takes time and patience to nurture, propagate and perfect.

When you are ready to immerse your business in social media, when the hype gets too much for you to bear please contact the Digital Coach at the Online Marketing Academy.

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Mick Say is an Online Business Development and Online Marketing Consultant. Mick's goal is to help businesses to develop meaningful On-line Marketing Strategies via Websites designed to inform and sell.