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Social Media in BusinessThomas Power, Ecademy Chairman recently sent me a link to an article named:

“Don’t say ‘social media’, ’24/7′ or ‘free’ in your marketing communications”
on the website.

This Social Media Article went on to say:

“Social media” as a term was ranked as the most annoying industry buzzword in a survey of advertising and marketing executives by The Creative Group. Also high on the list: “synergy” and “ROI,” which rankled respondents in a similar survey conducted in 2006.

Advertising and marketing executives were asked, “In your opinion, what is the most annoying or overused buzzword in the creative/marketing industry today?” The top-ranked responses include:

  1. Social media/social networking
  2. Synergy
  3. Free
  4. Innovative/innovation
  5. ROI/return on investment
  6. Extra value/value added
  7. Model(s)
  8. Telemarketing
  9. Social media expert
  10. Resolve
  11. Moving forward
  12. Branding
  13. Multitasking
  14. Going green
  15. Proactive
  16. Think out of the box
  17. Culture change
  18. End of the day
  19. Interactive
  20. 24/7
  21. Integrated/integration
  22. Viral
  23. The big idea
  24. Leverage
  25. Unique

I agree and disagree with the the article 100% – so now I have made that oxymoron of an admission I suppose I need to explain it.

Strategy drives business not social media or internet marketing

Strategy drives business not social media or internet marketing but both belong in the businesses marketing strategy. The problem with Social Media and the 25 over-used points above is that they have been hijacked by “internet marketeers” who’s businesses revolve around making a quick high-profit buck from unsuspecting business owners and individuals.

There are quite literally thousands of social media tools and platforms and many of them are very good. By definition of “many are very good” most are a complete waist of time.

The numbers are possibly in the millions!

The number of individuals and businesses whom try to leverage social media and internet marketing are completely out of proportion to the number of businesses which actually need to engage in social media and internet marketing. I estimate that the number of internet marketers who are pedaling their services out number the businesses which may need them by around 10 to 1.

So no wonder the business owner or marketing teams have a hard time figuring this out and are understandably sick to their high teeth of social media and internet marketing terminology.

Social Media and Internet Marketing Integrated to Business Strategy

MILLIONS of hours are wasted every week by people in business trying to make sense of social media and internet marketing techniques, this is driven by the army of Internet marketeers who are selling low value information services which generally do not aid the business owner.

This transcends into BILLIONS of Pounds been wasted by businesses and individuals who purchase this material hoping that they will benefit from it.

Online Business Strategy Consultation

If you take my advice – A business owner or marketing team should not waste time with social media or internet marketing until they have carried out a complete review of their total marketing strategy and then met with an expert Online Marketing Strategist to determine which (If any) Social Media or Internet Marketing technologies should be integrated into their marketing plan.

Call Mick if you would like to discuss online marketing or social media strategies.

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