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We would like to thank Mick from the Online Marketing Academy from the bottom of our hearts for the fantastic job he has done on From the initial set up to the constant tinkering that he does on a regular basis to ensure that our charity maintains an online presence. The website is without doubt the most important tool in our toolbox, with regards to spreading our message and also recruiting help and volunteers. I would recommend Mick and the Online Marketing Academy to anyone who wants to get their business off the ground by starting up their own web presence. … [Read more...]

UK Facebook User Statistics

Tweet FaceBook User Statistics for the United Kingdom. NOTES: (1) Facebook World Users and Facebook World Penetration Statistics are consolidated for August 31, 2010 from the official number of Facebook users reported in each country or world region. (2) The "Facebook Index" corresponds to the ratio of Facebook users in relation to the total number of estimated Internet users in each country or world region, expressed as a percentage. (3) World Demographic (Population) numbers are based on mid-year 2010 data from the US Census Bureau . (4) Internet usage information comes from … [Read more...]

Tall Forehead equals very clever dude!

Who invented the hand held tablet? Tweet To be honest that's not our department so I don't really know or care. However I came across this video on the Inquisitr Website and thought I just have to share it with you. (No that's not a typo) Was it Apple or was it another organisation? If you have any thoughts we would love to hear from you but you have to admire the team in the video below and wonder, where are they all now and what are they doing? Tablet Newspaper 1994? … [Read more...]

Website Development Endorsement

Tweet Mick Say Endorsement The best way to sum up Mick Say and The Online Marketing Academy is “The online marketing genius” This is no overstatement, Mick has so much knowledge on Google search term optimisation you will think he wrote the software himself! I own a small but rapidly growing roofing company in Kent. I previously had a website with little more than two pages bringing very little work in. Since Mick has created my visually pleasing and informative website my phone has not stopped ringing. The jobs that come in are the jobs that I wish to attain. My website is ranked … [Read more...]

What’s Next Cardiff May 2011 – Survey #WN2011

During the What's Next Social Media Event in Cardiff on Monday 23rd May 2011 61 respondents completed a short survey asking various questions pertinent to social media in business. Delegates were a combination of Business Owners and Marketing Professionals. If you would like to be kept updated on future What's Next events please enter your details > > > > > > > > iPhone - Android or Blackberry ? MacBook or Laptop ? Tablet iPad or Tablet Android ? Which Geo Location App do you use ? Do you have a website, blog or transactional website ? Are you members of the following and do … [Read more...]

What’s Next Cardiff May 2011 – Update

Amazing Social Media Event in Wales: May 23rd 2011 Huge congratulations to Allan Blair Beaton for staging a historical Social Media Event in Wales. Feedback from delegates and speakers was brilliant and the event was a raging success. We we can still tweak our performance and make the event even better, but for a new venture and new first event I think the team did well and my sincere congratulations go Allan for pulling it all together on the day. If you attended the event and if you have any constructive feedback to offer, we would appreciate you leaving a comment below. And if … [Read more...]

Empire Avenue Basic Tips for Newbies

Tweet > How to hit the ground running in Empire Avenue. Empire Avenue is the The Social Media Exchange where you can buy and sell your friends and own anyone on the social web! it's addictive and great fun whilst having a beneficial effect regarding players social media scores and authority. I hope you benefit from the video and if you do you may wish to join and invest in me on Empire avenue: Empire Avenue Basic Start-Up Tips Also you can read more about Empire Avenue here on my post Empire Avenue: A Useful Game or a Dangerous … [Read more...]

Empire Avenue: A Useful Game or a Dangerous Distraction?

Less than two weeks in to playing the Empire Avenue game and school is still out on whether I will be as enthusiastic about it in 2 months as I am now. My gut feeling today is that I will still be hooked in two years time. Only time will tell. Tweet This Post > Empire Avenue may be a game BUT ! On three levels the game intrigues me, Although EA has been around for a year or so it only came onto my radar a couple of weeks ago and it has me riveted with expectation of benefit for me and my business. A Measure of Social Influence Social Media engagement and Social Media Authority … [Read more...]

What’s Next Social Media Event in Wales:

Amazing Social Media Event in Wales: May 23rd 2011 If you haven't booked your place at the What's Next Social Media Event in Wales now is your chance and there are lots of really great reasons why you should. First up, the event is being held at the 4 star Mercure Cardiff Holland House Hotel and Spa located in the heart of Cardiff. Rooms have unrivalled views of the vibrant, Cardiff city centre, why not consider stopping over a few days, you would not be disappointed. Have fun ! Social Media Event OK, so it's not all fun - there is a very serious motive for the What's Next Event. As … [Read more...]

What can Google help you give your Kids?

Not much in life is free but search giant Google, really do give, for free some amazing tools including the Chrome web browser and Gmail. If you are a human being you need to have a free Gmail account. Watch the amazing video above to see how you can give your child a legacy that they will treasure and truly thank you for. Google win my vote for being not only one of the most progressive businesses on the planet but, lets face it for all the wonderful stuff they give us for free. … [Read more...]