Empire Avenue: A Useful Game or a Dangerous Distraction?

Empire Avenue and Social InfluenceLess than two weeks in to playing the Empire Avenue game and school is still out on whether I will be as enthusiastic about it in 2 months as I am now. My gut feeling today is that I will still be hooked in two years time. Only time will tell.

> Empire Avenue may be a game BUT !
On three levels the game intrigues me, Although EA has been around for a year or so it only came onto my radar a couple of weeks ago and it has me riveted with expectation of benefit for me and my business.

A Measure of Social Influence

Social Media engagement and Social Media Authority measurement tools such as Klout and PeerIndex have been the standard for for measuring Social Authority for a while now, but Empire Avenue offers social media enthusiasts a new way of measuring their performance whilst allowing them to build a wider and deeper audience of like minded individuals and or business prospects and even advocates in a very interesting and engaging manner.

This new dimension is very clever and in my opinion very entertaining and educational. The Clever Guy’s at empire Avenue, have given us an opportunity to measure our social influence in a very different way, they have linked the game to the most important social and business media/networking platforms which allows us to see our level of engagement and thus encourage us to do more or less in a particularly field of social media and at the same time play the virtual stock market and trade shares in our friends, mentors and influencers.

So, is Empire Avenue Useful or Just a Distraction?

I think it is a “Useful” Distraction. OK a bit of an oxymoron but I’m not sitting on the fence I am just being realistic and here’s why.

Marketing for over 50 years was slave to the four the P’s of the traditional marketing mix and whilst this is still important today the Place and Promotion aspects of the Marketing Mix has changed beyond recognition as the whole world moves online, – in-line with human and technological evolutions.

Global commerce and the shape of the global workforce is changing shape, this change is unstoppable and it is forcing many millions of people to reassess their future and their skills. On another level it is forcing businesses large and small to radically change they way that they do business and market their goods.

Why, because the world has gone social, billions of consumers in the developed world, the ones with the disposable income are engaging in social media and are living their lives online via their computers and hand held technology and this trend is set to grow in the foreseeable future.

So how Does Empire Avenue Support this?

Players are encouraged to engage in social media to increase their share value and whilst doing this in a fun way they are learning how to use the social web and they are learning how to connect with a wider audience and lets face it we, they, are all consumers.

As we get better at “Playing the Game” we are building personal and or brand Authority as we participate and as an added benefit we are learning how to play the stock market which can’t be a bad thing.

Importantly though Empire Avenue is not just about individuals, Empire Avenue gives brands the opportunity to promote themselves in the social sphere and it gives them a more human face than has ever been possible before.

The only down-side I can see is that the game can be addictive so real discipline is needed to use the platform strategically and to make best use of available time.

I encourage individuals join in and I advise Businesses and Brands to get involved early – before your competitors do….

To learn more meet me, Mick Say on Empire Avenue and I will give you a guided tour.

How to hit the Ground Running on Empire Avenue

I made a very short video entitled “Empire Avenue Basic Tips for Newbies” watch it and learn how to invest wisely and be invested in quickly.

About Mick Say

Mick Say is an Online Business Development and Online Marketing Consultant. Mick's goal is to help businesses to develop meaningful On-line Marketing Strategies via Websites designed to inform and sell.


  1. I’m with you. I have been playing on EA for a couple of weeks now. I’m not doing so well in the game because I don’t have the time to devote to it…. That’s how they suck you in 🙂
    I think that rather than spend more time, I’m going to drop empire ave and focus on making more Facebook revenue. I don’t think that I’ll be missing many networking opportunities that I couldnt have found in FB groups.

    • Hi Joshua

      I agree that FB Groups are a great way to extend your network and your influence. However you do not need to devote a huge amount of time to Empire Avenue to do well – Your general social media activity determines your Empire Avenue value. You only need to spend a little time administering your Empire Avenue account and share holders. I think you may have missed the point of the game.

      Thank you for commenting – Mick

  2. Money quote – “Networking has never been so much fun.” 🙂

    Like Peter, I, too, have become so addicted so quickly to Empire Avenue (#EAv) that it has crept into my Indian blog on national news and politics. I wrote a couple of guest articles for social media blogs when I first signed up 3 weeks ago but now, the addiction is getting ugly. Two days ago, I was too busy hunting for the Friday 13th secret badge to cover stupendous and historic election results in 5 Indian states!

    Empire Avenue is evil, evil, evil!

    • Hi there

      Thanks a million for you comment: You sound like a really talented person so I think that now you recognise that you are addicted you will do something about it and engage with Empire Avenue in a more structured and strategic way.

      Please let me know what your ticker and your Twitter UN is so that I can follow and invest in you.

      Thanks again – Mick

  3. Hi Mick, great post!

    I must say sitting in front of my computer screen at 6.08 a.m. is not what I used to do Sunday morning’s but I’m trying to keep on top of my empire Avenue habit!

    My last few posts have been focused on or at least mentioned Empire Avenue and I have devoted an entire Social Media satire to the subject! Why, probably because it’s the biggest thing (to me) since Facebook or Twitter to hit Social Media.

    Forget Quora and its quiet intellectual presence and forget Mashable and its super SM connectivity, Empire Avenue is fun and that’s the appeal or half the appeal. Networking has never been so much fun!

    My question is, will Empire Avenue eventually become a domain for Social Media professionals only?

    The average non Social Media person will find it hard to keep up the level of activity to maintain a decent share price. I have been playing for about 2 weeks, Empire Avenue has been around a couple of years now and for the UK (slow as ever to catch on!) I am the 10th wealthiest business based on connection and activity, Will non Social Media individuals get into the games this much?

    Great post, thank you, best regards Peter

    (I put you on Digg, StumbleUpon, my Construction Social Media Marketing group page, my Construction Marketing UK business page, SERPd and if you’d like to join me on LinkedIn’s, Construction Blog Professionals Group, please feel free to do so!)

    • Hi Peter, thank you for your kind words.

      I think that it is a good thing that so many social media experts, consultants and enthusiasts are engaging in Empire Avenue because these people (including me) would not do it if there were no potential benefit. So this “expert” activity is a good vote of confidence in Empire Avenue I think.

      Empire Avenue is now growing and we enthusiasts are/have been the early adopters helping Empire Avenue management and technicians perfect the game in readiness for more mainstream brands and businesses who are beginning to join in.

      Although Empire Avenue is a good fun business game and a platform for Social Media pundits to prove their Authority – In the long run there really will not be much point if there are no “consumers” to wow with our wealth and expertise.

      As you know we have evolved from a web of static pages to a web of streaming information and every opportunity we have for creating content will help drive traffic to our business websites, so that’s another big positive for Empire Avenue as is the opportunity to meet great new people to share our stuff with – You and I are a great example of this. (I Just bought 100 Shares in MarketingM8)

      I think that Empire Avenue will really come into its own when eves become real currency not just for the platform owners but for the players as well.

      Anyway School is still out on Empire Avenue – As I said my gut feeling is that it will climb from strength to strength.

      Final point is this – At least for this decade businesses have to get used to the idea that Social Media is a powerful marketing tool and they have no choice other to engage – and empire avenue is one fantastic tool for helping them and their marketers to learn social media and to connect to a wider audience.

      Thanks a million for your comments – Mick