What’s Next Cardiff May 2011 – Update

What's Next Social Media Event in Wales May 2011Amazing Social Media Event in Wales: May 23rd 2011

Huge congratulations to Allan Blair Beaton for staging a historical Social Media Event in Wales. Feedback from delegates and speakers was brilliant and the event was a raging success.

We we can still tweak our performance and make the event even better, but for a new venture and new first event I think the team did well and my sincere congratulations go Allan for pulling it all together on the day.

If you attended the event and if you have any constructive feedback to offer, we would appreciate you leaving a comment below.

And if you have a testimonial that you would like to give please email it to mick@micksay.com or enter it as a comment below.

Event team:
Allan Blair Beaton
Mark Perl
Mick Say
Mark Sinclair
Nick Tadd

Guest Speakers:
Tray Pennington
Dennis Campbell

Download a copy of the slides from Mick Say’s Presentation here.

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