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Empire Avenue an a Hotbed of Talent and Compassion

As my Empire Avenue Experience continues I am finding more and more new friends to connect with and learn from. I am learning more in this stage of my life than any other and most of this new learning is from my friends and colleges on Ecademy and Empire Avenue - using Twitter as a conduit to communicate further. Empire Avenue, Ecademy and Twitter A fantastic combination of Digital Marketing and Productivity tools - connect, learn, enjoy and grow. Well done to Empire Avenue, Ecademy and Twitter. … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing, My Favorite Social Networks

Social Media Marketing, my Favourite Social Networks I am often asked which is my favourite Social network and asked to explain why. As you can imagine with a choice of thousands and with so many that I really like it is almost impossible to select jut one network. So these are my top five favourites in terms of productivity, fun and a return on the investment of my time. 1. Twitter - 2. Ecademy - 3. Facebook - 4. LinkedIn - 5. YouTube > Tweet I think that you will find that my top five above are popular with most people like me who are employed in a digital marketing role, and … [Read more...]

What is IPv6 – Internet Protocol Version 6

IPv6 Test Flight on June 8th 2011 On June 8th 2011 Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and other major web companies will be real-time testing IPv6. IPv6 “Internet Protocol Version 6” will replace – Ipv4 “Internet Protocol Version 4” Google and other large web players will enable IPv6 on many of their websites for 24 hours to test how IPv6 performs in the real world. More than 99.9% of people shouldn’t have any problems during this industry-wide test. Your experience on June 8th will depend on your computer and network configuration. - If you only have IPv4, you’ll simply use IPv4 as usual and … [Read more...]

Empire Avenue – How it all Began

Empire Avenue – How it all Began The Social Stock Market called Empire Avenue, how it all began by the great man himself, Duleepa Wijayawardhana better known as Dups (Pronounced Doops) find DUPS and invest on him here on Empire Avenue … [Read more...]

Corporate Digital Coach Testimonial

Mick is the personification of a "Corporate Digital Coach" in that he both understand business in depth especially sales and marketing, but also understands digital and social at a high level and at a deep level. His is therefore able to not only talk the talk but walk the walk and make you as the client do the same through coaching and encouragement. He was able to transfer and transform one website (from old agency CMS bound Website to Web 2.0 client managed and Social media enabled website) for a smaller business I was involved with in under a month and get our rankings on search … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing Testimonial for Mick Say

Mick Say is exceptional. He is solid, reliable and trustworthy. Mick is a long term player. He doesn't rush he absorbs. On the internet he knows his onions Mick knows what works and what does not work. I work with Mick a great deal and recommend him to you. Thomas Power - Chairman, Ecademy … [Read more...]

Digital Coaching Testimonial for Mick Say

One of the many things that impressed me about Mick Say (the Digital Coach) is that he imparts his considerable knowledge in a way that even a duffer like me can understand. Thanks to Mick's step by step help I was able to post my new You Tube film on the Ecademy site, link it to my profile page and embed it onto my website home page. This has produced a tripling of website hits to Mike Shorer - Fine Jewelry … [Read more...]

Empire Avenue – Engagement Tips

Empire Avenue the Pinnacle of Social Media Engagement! > Tweet Please find Below some great tips for building your engagement and value to your shareholders on Empire Avenue. 1. Watch the Chris Pirillo video's below. 2. Visit this website daily - for top dividend payers - Buy their shares. 3. Invest as much as you can in Chris Pirillo on Empire Avenue - He will help you grow. 4. Invest as much as you can in FozDog on Empire Avenue he will help you grow also - Woof 5. Revisit this page weekly to see more Empire Avenue Tips … [Read more...]