What is IPv6 – Internet Protocol Version 6

What is Internet Protocol Version 6IPv6 Test Flight on June 8th 2011
On June 8th 2011 Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and other major web companies will be real-time testing IPv6. IPv6 “Internet Protocol Version 6” will replace – Ipv4 “Internet Protocol Version 4”

Google and other large web players will enable IPv6 on many of their websites for 24 hours to test how IPv6 performs in the real world. More than 99.9% of people shouldn’t have any problems during this industry-wide test.

Your experience on June 8th will depend on your computer and network configuration.
– If you only have IPv4, you’ll simply use IPv4 as usual and not see any test-related problems.
– If your configuration is ready for IPv6, you’ll automatically use IPv6 and not see any test-related problems.
– In rare cases if you have IPv6 enabled but not configured properly, you may have connectivity issues with Google Apps and other test sites on June 8th.

If you’d like to start checking your organization’s IPv6 preparedness before June 8th, you can instruct your users to visit ipv6test.google.com from the devices where they access Google Apps, like primary work machines, tablet devices and home computers. If you discover IPv6 connectivity problems, you can find troubleshooting tips and more information here: http://www.google.com/support/websearch/bin/answer.py?hl=en&topic=8995&answer=129926

Video explaining what IPv6 is and why it’s needed.

What is IPv6? Explania

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