Social Media Marketing, My Favorite Social Networks

Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing, my Favourite Social Networks

I am often asked which is my favourite Social network and asked to explain why.

As you can imagine with a choice of thousands and with so many that I really like it is almost impossible to select jut one network.

So these are my top five favourites in terms of productivity, fun and a return on the investment of my time.

1. Twitter – 2. Ecademy – 3. Facebook – 4. LinkedIn – 5. YouTube >

I think that you will find that my top five above are popular with most people like me who are employed in a digital marketing role, and for good reason, in that they are:

* Fun, interesting meeting places
* All have great content
* Very educational
* Give a return on your time investment.

Twitter is my Absolute No1 favourite platform because it is so versatile, I can carry Twiter with me wherever I go, in my pocket, my iPad, LapTop and PC. My business friends and social contacts use twitter instead of SMS to keep up with each others daily activities.

I have friends across the world who I catch up via tweets and Direct messages in an instant.

Most importantly though, Twitter brings me a steady stream of new prospects who are drawn to me because of the long term digital marketing theme on which I write.

With Twitter I am just me, Mick… What you see is what I am.

My Next, or second favourite is Ecademy.

Ecademy is one of the oldest networks, originally developed as an online network for people involved In Ecommerce, but evolved as a Business Social network for people in business of any type, it’s a place full of fascinating people with rich and interesting stories to tell.

Of all the networks on our planet, Ecademy offers the most responsive network of business people at all levels who actually engage in extended conversation and comment on a huge range of personal and business subjects.

Ecademy also facilitates an extensive networking opportunity to connect directly to people of interest or join conversation and learning in groups and also, importantly many physical meeting opportunities in meetings around the country and my personal favourite, Ecademy Boardrooms.

Ecademy Boardrooms are as the name suggests Board Meetings where any individual can attend to raise issues they have in their business and seek help and support from their peers.

FaceBook and LinkedIn and YouTube
I use FaceBook, LinkedIn and YouTube strategically so although they are on my favourite five list and I enjoy using them – I will not bore you with the reasons why here.

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