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Social Media – Open, Random, Supportive

If social media is about engaging with people then it makes sense, if not it's imperative to be Open, Random and Supportive (ORS). Meaning that you are open to everything and everybody, you will accept completely random connections many of which will at some stage bear a positive fruit and you will be supportive of your network by giving without expecting to receive. Tweet Thomas Power - Ecademy Founder and Chairman My Friend Thomas Power explains the difference between ORS and CSC brilliantly in the video below. … [Read more...]

Network Marketing with Empire Avenue

Network Marketing and the Empire Avenue Community My two favourite online communities for finding interesting friends, collaborators, advocates, vendors and clients are Ecademy and Empire Avenue. Dedicated to helping my Empire Avenue friends. I am now earning over 200 eaves per day to spend and I would like to spend them investing in those people who take network marketing seriously so to this end I invite my EA contacts to: Fully Follow me on FaceBook, Linked in and Twitter. Like my Facebook Business page and leave a comment with your Empire Avenue TICKER And... finally add me … [Read more...]

When to Sell Shares on Empire Avenue

Tweet I follow and learn a great deal about Empire Avenue from - if you have not invested in Chris yet, please do so, he is a great team player. I recently received a share holder email from Chris where he explained a conversation he had with @dups regarding the selling of Empire Avenue shares. I learned a great deal from this conversation so I asked Chris if I could repeat it here and of course he granted me his permission to do so… Thanks Chris. Quoting Chris Record Today I want to have a Discussion with … [Read more...]

Should I buy Luxury Items on Empire Avenue?

Well – yes and no! - Meaning please don’t make the same expensive mistake that I made… Purchasing lots of luxury items thinking that they were increasing the amount of eaves I had to spend... When you buy Luxury Items on Empire Avenue you will receive either “Earnings” or a “Net Wealth Increase” or both. Empire Avenue Earnings vs. Net Wealth Increase. If for example you buy the “Sand City” Luxury Item you will receive 7,000 earnings PER WEEK which you can spend on buying shares so this represents great value at $25.00 because it gives you increased earnings which you can spend on … [Read more...]