Should I buy Luxury Items on Empire Avenue?

Well – yes and no! – Meaning please don’t make the same expensive mistake that I made… Purchasing lots of luxury items thinking that they were increasing the amount of eaves I had to spend…

When you buy Luxury Items on Empire Avenue you will receive either “Earnings” or a “Net Wealth Increase” or both.

Empire Avenue Earnings vs. Net Wealth Increase.

If for example you buy the “Sand City” Luxury Item you will receive 7,000 earnings PER WEEK which you can spend on buying shares so this represents great value at $25.00 because it gives you increased earnings which you can spend on buying my shares… and of course other peoples shares.

Whilst the “Net Wealth Increase” of 1,200 per day is nice and adds to your overall value it is a bonus, which helps because you had to spend real money to get it – but you would not choose to by a luxury item just for the net wealth increase because it soaks up shares and or real money which you should not necessarily be spending on these items – if you want to spend real money – buy upgrades in order to buy more shares (up to 500) in the high flyers.

Empire Avenue Net Wealth Increase Warning!

Luxury Item’s will increases your Net Wealth by the amount indicated. HOWEVER !!!
Note: In order to receive your Net Wealth increase on a given day you must be active on Empire Avenue in the preceding seven (7) days!
So be aware if you are not active on Empire Avenue you will Lose your Net Wealth increase for that period.

List of the Empire Avenue Luxury Items you should consider buying

Empire Avenue Category: Summer – Scuba Gear – Earnings 1,300 eaves per week
Empire Avenue Category: Summer – Sand City – Earnings 7,000 eaves per week
Empire Avenue Category: Houses – Castle – Earnings 25,000 eaves per week
Empire Avenue Category: Auto mobiles – Sports Car 2 – Earnings 2,500 eaves per week

That’s 35,800 eaves per week to use to buy your favourite people on Empire Avenue.

In terms of a Social Network Marketing game Empire Avenue is both great fun and a great connector to people who may not have previously had the pleasure of meeting.

I hope you found this Empire Avenue post useful – Mick

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Mick Say is an Online Business Development and Online Marketing Consultant. Mick's goal is to help businesses to develop meaningful On-line Marketing Strategies via Websites designed to inform and sell.


  1. Thanks for the article. Just curious… what counts as “active on Empire Avenue”? Does this mean logging in once a day, doing something like rate a Youtube video once a day, or another activity Empire Avenue specific? Thanks.

    • Hi Alan

      Yes Alan – Log in to Empire Avenue daily if you miss 4 consecutive days this will impact on your share price. Your social media activity outside Empire Avenue on the social networks listed at the top of your profile will count to your score.

      Also buying shares and communicating on the Empire Avenue platform will increase your “Empire Avenue Activity” score/rating, as does endorsing your friends blogs/feeds – most actions you carry out on the EA site will count.

      It’s good fun which releases me from the daily grind – but importantly as I am buying (and selling) shares in other players and following and liking their social media activity I am learning more about them and how we can interact with each other professionally or just be friends.

      The only other network which really involves people as much as Empire avenue on this level is Ecademy – You can can connect and buy shares in Ecademy’s Chairman here:

      Hope this helps – Enjoy the game – Mick