Team-Working with Technology for Business Growth

If your business is micro, small, big or mega, the story for you is the same. If your chief’s, the CEO’s or the Marketing department don’t have red hot digital media and inbound marketing skills then somewhere along the line you are going to notice an increase in your competitors sales – – At the expense of yours!

Inbound Digital Marketing Brain Transplant

The days of pervasive broadcast marketing are all but gone and marketers have to learn new skills and develop new Digital Marketing strategies.

Unless you have been hiding in a cupboard for the past 5 years you will have noticed the unprecedented growth of online sales; much of this new online sales growth is being driven by loyalty and authority marketing supported by awesome new customer service strategies which are so responsive to the client that action and reaction are/is in near real time.

In order to compete with this and hopefully to remain one step ahead of your competitors you need to dance to a new technology tune and learn new and emerging Digital Marketing skills.

In order to really leverage Digital Marketing there needs to be a bit of a mindset change at the top of the food chain starting with the CEO who needs to appreciate and understand Inbound Marketing in order for him or her to direct funds to social media and network marketing which are at the heart of the Inbound Marketing strategy.

Team-Working with Technology

We are quite lucky that as the online ecosystem has evolved so has the technology which supports it; and if you have well trained marketers in the business they will team-work technology to be ultra productive in driving more willing customers to your door…

Problem is people simply don’t know what they don’t know and in terms of social media, network marketing, digital marketing inbound marketing, etc – Unless your people have been formally trained or have years of hands on experience then – social media and authority marketing are truly beyond your reach and your staff may do more harm than good.

Inbound Marketing Consultancy

The Online Marketing Academy is an online business development resource for organisations of any size – our mission is to teach Digital Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing Skills to business and marketers in order for them to grow and prosper by leveraging technology in the online space.

By now you should not be sceptical, you should already be convinced that online is king – but if you still have doubts and if you would like me to speak to your board, marketing department or partners then you may want to consider hiring me for a half or full day at your convenience.

Inbound Marketing Training

The Online Marketing Academy provides digital technology, social media, and inbound marketing training 1-to-1 for individuals and CEO’s or to corporate groups, we can design Digital Marketing Training bespoke to your business or category. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Selling via Social Media

If you think of the word “selling” in the same sentence as “social media” then chances are that you do not have a Digital Marketing mindset and I invite you to read my satirical blog – 20 Easy steps to Selling via Social Media.

About Mick Say

Mick Say is an Online Business Development and Online Marketing Consultant. Mick's goal is to help businesses to develop meaningful On-line Marketing Strategies via Websites designed to inform and sell.


  1. andy criddle says:

    Good site and some great comments. here are some thoughts of my own on Digital Marketing Brain Transplants…

    Digital marketeers measure experience in months; understanding the marketing mix takes decades.
    It’s easy to forget that digital marketing (or web marketing or online marketing or whatever you want to call it) is a relatively recent phenomenon. That it has rapidly become the single most significant element of the marketing mix for many organisations is beyond question. But it is also easy to focus solely on this new phenomenon and forget the rest. Even more dangerous is forgetting that the lessons learnt over decades of traditional marketing are still relevant and can, be applied to the new digital technologies and communication media.

    The new kids in the business, who have been playing with this new technology at home and in their colleges and universities, are bringing great new ideas and fresh thinking about how technology can do things differently – and often in really exciting new ways. But we think you need to be careful not to get carried away with the web and the latest sexy digital stuff; unless you’re sure of its business value, where it fits and that it will get better results.

    We believe that businesses should embrace the new opportunities available from new digital marketing technologies – and we help them do that. But we advise our clients to also focus on using them as part of holistic brand, marketing and communications strategies. We try to think about how the audience (customers, staff and other stakeholders) want to engage with our clients and try not to force everyone to engage with them digitally if they don’t want to.

    So what am I trying to say? Firstly, web/digital technology is exciting. It is critical to adopt and use it effectively wherever appropriate, but it would be dangerous to ignore everything else or treat it in isolation. Secondly, do the new kids who understand the technology also understand marketing? At the risk of sounding like a grey haired marketing dinosaur, the best digital marketing is based on harnessing the latest technologies and blending it with proven marketing experience to deliver cost-effective marketing results.