Most Corporates Still Don’t Get it – Do they?

Social Media and The Executive BoardDoes the Social Savvy Executive Board Exist?
Social Media has been in the Beta stage for about 14 years but now it’s coming out of Beta and in to the mainstream, Twitter is no longer the domain of self labelled social media guru’s – it is emerging as a must-have life-style accessory for every one with a disposable income above £14k.

That’s a lot of consumers and they all use the internet to research their next purchase from a cup of coffee to their next new car, holiday, house and everything in between. Although on line sales are growing exponentially most purchases researched online are still paid for in the store.

So why should the Chairman, CEO, CFO and COO care about this? They should care because social communication between consumers and brands is going to drive sales in the NOW… It’s already happening, but the corporate executives and senior board who don’t have a twitter, facebook, Ecademy or LinkedIn account can’t see it happening and it may well pass them by.

Why Corporate Executives Need a Corporate Digital Coach

If you are the Chairman or CEO and you don’t engage in social media then you do have the proverbial bag over your head and therefore so does the rest of your organisation, which is already beginning to fail even if it’s not showing in the numbers yet.

What’s the difference between a “Social Media Expert” and the “Corporate Digital Coach” ?

  • The self labelled social media guru knows how to follow 10,000.00 meaningless people on twitter
  • The Corporate Digital Coach has 30 years of Sales, Marketing and Business Development Experience
  • The Corporate Digital Coach will help the organisation connect to countless No’s of Meaningful Consumers

Corporate Digital Coach to Help Accelerate a Corporate Digital Mindset

A corporate digital strategy is essential today and it should be led by the most senior members of the organisation with each individual from the chairman down to sales and marketing management must develop new digital era skills.

The image below demonstrates the shift in mindset needed. >
Corporate Social Media Strategy

Mick Say, the Corporate Digital Coach is one of the UK’s leading digital and social media coaches and can be hired for corporate consultations, board presentations and corporate executive training. Please contact Mick directly on 07719 061 835 or via the website.

About Mick Say

Mick Say is an Online Business Development and Online Marketing Consultant. Mick's goal is to help businesses to develop meaningful On-line Marketing Strategies via Websites designed to inform and sell.