Social Media – What is Inbound Marketing?

What is Inbound Marketing?Inbound Marketing is a Marketing Strategy that focuses on getting the customers to find your product or message in contrast to traditional Out-Bound marketing where the business buys advertising in magazines and News Papers, on TV and Radio, at trade shows on Bill Boards, etc and often more intrusive advertising such as direct mail, email and telesales.

Inbound Marketing focuses on populating the internet quality content in multiple digital formats, deep and wide enough to be found when the consumers searches for your stuff in contrast to you intrusively advertising to them.

Social Media and Social Networks are very powerful resources used in Inbound Marketing strategy to build wide and deep networks of friends, followers, fans and loyal customers who may become advocates for your brand and products. Bearing in mind that consumers generally miss-trust adverts and are more likely to make buying decisions based upon recommendations, referrals, feedback and testimonials from friends or reviews on blogs and favourite websites.

The most powerful phrase of this century is:
If you are forever chasing business, it’s because your network is not big enough!

At the centre of your Inbound Marketing Strategy is (or should be) your website, you cannot dominate your category or niche without owning your own website and blog – The online Marketing Academy takes this a step further by developing Online Marketing Platforms Which are Search Engine Optimised (SEO) Super Websites with their own integral blog, we add a layer of bespoke SEO sophistication which we believe is unparalleled in the industry.

(Non-Technically). How Does Inbound Marketing Work?

At the beginning of any sale is the thought and desire for a consumer to buy.
Inbound Marketing is a long-term strategy designed to create the desire for the consumer to buy from you. The Inbound Marketer achieves this with the knowledge that the consumer will speak to family, friends and colleges about the pending purchase and they are likely to carry out online research.

In the first instance Inbound Marketing begins with an expertly Search Engine Optimised (SEO) website and the creation of a large network of friends, followers and fans in the major social networks including Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Google, Ecademy, and they will also utilise other Social Media and Digital Marketing resources such as YouTube, Flickr, Instagram etc.

Over a period of time when the Inbound Marketers network is mature the expectation is that the consumer may already know about their product due to Social Media activity or “word-of-mouth” from their own Social Networks or if the consumer searches online for the product they will find their blog or website at the top of the Google search giving them first chance to win the sale.

In short the expert development of a Social Media ready website and a mature, wide and deep social network will expose the seller to millions of consumers via many leveles of “connectedness” in and through social networks back to the sellers website or Online Marketing Platform.

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An Example of how you should NOT try to use Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Don’t try to use social media to broadcast.
I was having a Twitter conversation with Peter @MarketingM8 on Saturday, we were both working and started talking business but wandered into conversation about Rabbits and Hamsters (that’s another story). All of a sudden I receive a tweet from a person who is not connected to Pete or me who proudly boasted that he does not have to work on Saturdays anymore and gave us an affiliate link to some get rich scheme.

That so pissed me off; (excuse my bad language but I needed it for effect)…

Instead of collecting two influential followers @micksay and @MarketingM8 the guy rubbed us up the wrong way and received a complaint from me about spam.

If the same fellow had followed me and engaged me in conversation I may have been more responsive to his message or even his sales pitch at a later time but instead he screwed up the relationship before it began.

Do Not Broadcast in Social Networks, broadcasting loses more consumer confidence than it wins..

Most business owners I know (many of them clients) use social media for marketing their business, but they don’t openly use social networks as an advertising or broadcasting medium they strategically connect to target consumer groups and they engage the people (prospects) in those groups in conversation.

If you have read this post and think you might need a new Online Marketing Platform or blog please read our Website Vendor Selection page before making any buying decisions.

About Mick Say

Mick Say is an Online Business Development and Online Marketing Consultant. Mick's goal is to help businesses to develop meaningful On-line Marketing Strategies via Websites designed to inform and sell.


  1. Like Peter, I just found this article after reading a couple of his post (found Peter through a tweet from an associate). I’m a big proponent of Inbound Marketing. I promote Inbound Relationship Marketing and fits well with Arthur Partridge’s remarks above.

    My business is more regional and not enterprise level. Everything you say fits well with my clients who are mom and pop small business owners. I’ve followed David Meerman Scott and Brian Halligan for several years and enjoy learning about your voice!

    I’m old school (65) and my mantra is “What’s New is Old;” a new medium but at the end of the day, it’s about building personal relationships. My 4-step approach is like me, know me, trust me, pay me.

    Thanks Mick. I shall return for more,
    Mike Macey
    ThinkUp New Media

  2. Hello Mick,

    Great article, can’t believe it took me so long to find it, read it and respond.

    That was a funny conversation and the guinea pig and the rabbits have split up since and are both living alone!

    All the best mate, Peter

    • Hi Pete

      Busy lives Peter, it’s almost impossible to keep up with everything – hope the Rabbit and Guinea Pig are not missing each other too much!

      See you in the networks – Great to hear from you – Mick

  3. Great article Mick!

    I think the major irritation comes, not because its an attempt to sell something that I never asked for and that it usually has no match to my personal profile..

    It is because there is actually no attempt at building a relationship with me and the sell itself is usually so badly thought out.

    The rules are so simple
    Be sociable
    – If you don’t know me, don’t make statements to me. Ask me a question but don’t do that without first gaining my rapport
    It is just common courteousy.

  4. very impressive thoughts of Inbound Marketing 🙂
    great job…