Social Media – Why I Follow Everyone Back on Twitter

Why Do I follow everybody back on Twitter ?
Because we do not chase business – New Business Finds Us!

If you are forever chasing business, it is because your network is not big enough!

Why follow back on twitterNew clients find us because we have a mature Inbound Marketing strategy which includes Twitter and the extended networks belonging to the people who follow us on Twitter and other Social Networks. I maintain my Twitter account as me the person @MickSay and eventually, slowly my followers/friends become aware of me personally and the business which I run.

The majority of my followers are friends and will never become customers, but they know what I do and are great advocates for me, and me for them.

I have twitter friends all over the world and over the years we have connected to each other for many different reasons be that business, similar interests or simple curiosity.

In our evolving social – digital world it is important that we can be Open, Random and Supportive (ORS) to and of our expanding networks and with Randomness in mind I believe that we must be Open to everyone in order to truly leverage our network because we never know when we will need our friends or when they will need us.

So I blindly follow every person who asks to follow me and I only every UN-Follow them if they give me a reason to such as bombarding me with spammy sales messages.

On the same note – when a follower UN-Follows me – I also UN-follow them because we need to keep a balance between followers and following because of Twitters 10% following, follow-back limits.

This is not a technical post so if you would like to know how I manage my follow-backs and un-follows please leave a comment of the bottom of this post and I will get back to you.

About 1% of people who follow me will UN-Follow me within the first week because I tweet so much it seems like I am the only person in their twitter stream – that is unfortunate and more a result of them not understanding how to use and view twitter rather than the content or subjects I tweet about.

Random Twitter Connections

I love the randomness of Twitter and the other social networks because I learn a great deal about the people and businesses I am connecting to and I have found many random connections who have become great friends, some have become customers, some have become vendors to my business as well.

I often get enquiries seemingly out of the blue which have come to me by a third party recommendation from a friend on Twitter or Facebook and I have recommended many of my Twitter friends in the same way. This is the broad collaboration which starts to happen when you work with integrity with your network over an extended period of time.

Twitter for Business Benefit

When using Twitter as part of a business Inbound Marketing Strategy it is essential that business does not use Twitter as a broadcasting tool as this can be dangerous for a brand if they alienate the very consumers that they are trying to court. Trying to use Twitter for business benefit needs skill and experience and should not be attempted without training and support by in-house or contracted expertise.

About Mick Say

Mick Say is an Online Business Development and Online Marketing Consultant. Mick's goal is to help businesses to develop meaningful On-line Marketing Strategies via Websites designed to inform and sell.


  1. Agreed! – Liking what you are saying Mick.

    Being Open (for – and that includes the junk) is the only way to be truly sociable.

    Primarily “Social” has to be about being SociABLE and relationships aren’t for life

    • Hi Arthur

      I actually like reading Junk – maybe I am a bit sad 🙂 However when I see real spam – I always report it to twitter and un follow the user.

      I think we guardians of the internet have a duty to less experienced users and to #Twitter, to help keep the internet and Twitter Spam-Free

      Love Twitter and Twitter will love you back.

      Thanks a million Arthur


  2. Interesting Mick,

    I follow most back at the moment but not all – I do check timelines and if people haven’t actually interacted with anyone in a week I don’t tend to follow back as those accounts are usually there to pump out content. Unless of course I am interested in the content.

    However I see what you mean about following and maybe trying to connect before unfollowing.

    Its a different view from the one I had, its always valuable to know how and why people manage their twitter accounts.


    • Thanks Michelle

      To ensure that I am not following stale twitterers or those that have decided to leave – Every month I will check for people who have not tweeted for 30 day and then make a decision whether to unfollow them or not based upon their most recent activity.

      This is not as time consuming as you may think-

      Thanks a million – Mick

  3. Agree Mick I follow back. Makes it much easier for everyone that way

    • Thanks Michael –

      Every follower is important in their own right and unless we take the time to meet with them virtually through twitter or Facebook etc, then we are disrespecting their needs.

      We can always un follow them if they prove to be a poor match…

      Thanks – Mick