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20 Very Easy Steps to Selling via Social Networks?

Part Parody, but truth about Selling via Social Networks. There are two types of prospect that I speak to regarding social media strategy, 1). Has no confidence at all in Social Media as a route to market. 2). The prospect who thinks that we can build them a social strategy and get them 10,000.00 friends and followers by tea-time... In each case I try to explain that "Social Media" is a phrase which describes a multitude of applications, programs, networks and websites which constitute the "Social Web" and to develop a social networking strategy the business will need to utilize many of … [Read more...]

The Importance of Unique Website Content

The Importance Of Unique Content If you intend on having your own website, or have been running one for a while, then you no doubt know of the importance of having unique content on your pages. Rather than cutting and pasting information from other sources on the internet it is vital that you use original content to draw traffic. And aside from the complications of copyright infringement should you take other people’s work and use it on your website, you’ll find that unique content has many benefits. Tweet In a very competitive online market it can often be difficult to make your … [Read more...]

Social Media to the Test – Can you help with this IT problem?

A client of mine moved to a new warehouse and office. Before the move his internet connection which serves 12 busy computers all using Pegasus Opera and various online operations all worked fine. Since the move the internet connection is very, very slow and frequently stops working all together. BT Blames the old copper cables which service the new premises, and there is no Cable in the area, the ISP seems not to be able to help or offer any suggestions and my technical knowledge does not stretch to help with this problem. Tweet This problem is interrupting good service and frustrating … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing – A conversation about Klout

Tweet Digital Marketing – A conversation about Klout Klout seems to be on everyone’s lips today, at least in the circles I roll in, and there is a pattern emerging in the conversation. Those that have a low Klout Score say: Klout is irrelevant. Those with a high Klout score say: Klout is very important and relevant. Those who say Klout is irrelevant accuse those with high Klout scores of making a lot of “Noise” and manipulating Klout, and those with high Klout scores say that they just engage within their communities and their Klout score is-what-it-is. On which side of … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing – Business is a Battle Fought Online

Tweet Business is a Battle Being Fought Online and if your Online Marketing Strategy ain’t up to the fight, your business is going down! No if’s, No But’s, you have to be up-for-the-fight and be prepared to invest in the best weapons to win. Your marketing armoury: #1. Web 2.0 Website #2. Great Content #3. SEO and Search Compliant #4. Social Media Strategy #5. Compliment of Digital Resources #6. Growing Social Network (Mick is mixing his metaphores again. Sorry!) It’s Not Logical Captain When so much is at stake it is illogical to guess, take pot luck or invest in free of … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing – Selling is a Matching Process

Tweet Digital Marketing – Selling is a Matching Process The days of the hard-sell are thankfully long gone – but every business on the planet still has the same goal which is to sell their products or services at a respectable margin. With profit in mind each organisation will constantly review and amend their sales and marketing strategies and in turn they will shift budgets according to their needs, or their customers’ needs. In the non to distant past we would have large teams of sales people, great lumbering fleets of “reps” with jackets hung from the clip in the back of their … [Read more...]

Building a Meaningful Social Network for Business

Tweet 3 Key Tools to Building a large and Meaningful Social Network “If you are forever chasing business, it's because your network is not big enough.” This phrase was coined long before the internet completely and radically altered the business world as we know it. This term came around when networks were built with the sending of an invitation, the shaking of a hand, or a conversation on a phone. The internet has warped how business transactions and interactions take place. With options that have never been available until now how you get your message out to the people will be … [Read more...]

I asked Bob Barker – What is a Digital Mindset?

Bob Barker - Unlocking Digital Potential Former VP of Corporate Marketing and Digital Engagement at Alterian responsible for marketing, brand and positioning strategy for Alterian Worldwide. Alterian as a social media and marketing software company, combined with 25 years in technology marketing, has allowed Bob to get an incredible insight on not only the potential of the digital economy but also the “how to” of unlocking digital and social media potential for both individuals and businesses. This is what this blog focused on. Bob is a regular commentator on the transition of marketing … [Read more...]

Social Media in Wales – I asked Allan Blair-Beaton

Allan Blair Beaton II - Founder - What's Next Social Media Event Born in Scotland Allan Blair Beaton II moved to The USA with his mother and step-father who was an American Naval Officer. Whilst growing up in the Southern United States, Allan studied for and achieved a double degree in Exercise Science & Psychology at the University of South Carolina. Upon returning the U.K. Allan enrolled in law studies, and achieved an LLB. Law was not Allan's true calling, but he was a great communicator and connector of people which stood him in good stead for his future entrepreneurial endeavours. … [Read more...]

William Buist – How has Ecademy Evolved

William Buist: After a 25 year career in the insurance and risk management business William set up a consultancy to challenge organisations to develop adapt and implement their business models in response to changing market conditions. Over the last 10 years William has been in the forefront of research and analysis of the impact of the internet as a business tool in general and Social Media in particular, in business. He's been working with Ecademy for the last 7 years William constantly seeks to drive business efficiency and customer value into business models by using social tools and … [Read more...]