Blogging and Social Media – Essential Bed Fellows

Blogging to build Authority in BusinessBlogging and Social Media
Bangers and mash, tea and biscuits, beer and football, what do they all have in common? Great pairs. On their own they are all enjoyable enough but together something special happens and a killer combination is created.

The idea of a killer combination is not history but is so relevant to society today. For those of you who are out on the web, either as entrepreneurs or representing a business the power of a killer combo is essential to your success.

The potential that lies in blogging & social media for businesses

We are all aware of the potential that lies in social media for businesses if they can manage to grasp it. We are all conscious of the value of blogging to share insights, thoughts and feelings with our niche’s respective communities. But for those of us looking to truly do something amazing we need to understand how these pieces go together in order to create an impressive and powerful business combination.

The following are 3 key concepts you will need to grasp if you are to successfully harness the power of blogging and social media:

1. What goes out must…well , go out!:
So often today we think just putting up our latest cleverly written business piece is going to surely drive throngs of readers to our site and in turn boost our sales by unimaginable leaps and bounds. The reality of course is the value of any writing is only as good as the readers it reaches.

To blog is always a good idea but make sure that you are using all the social media avenues possible to build links and drive traffic back to the blog. It doesn’t take much to effectively ping Twitter, Facebook and the like and the results you will see will be well worth the amount of time you spend regularly updating the networks with your new content.

2.Who Cares? : This is a key that a lot of people disregard.
Time and again businesses line up to “purchase” followers. Unfortunately most of the time they end up with thousands of followers from India who don’t even speak English and not a single true and dedicated potential client. It is important to accurately understand what your market is.

Once you understand where your market is, you will be able to start seeking it out in social media. A quick example would be a bakery. If a bakery writes a fantastic blog about their pies and posts it social networks that is great…right? Well what if they post it in rooms about music or video games? The groups will disregard it as complete junk. It is important to know who wants what you are selling and then to target them like crazy!

3.Which witch is which?:
The last one is understanding which social networks will best serve your purposes. If you are thinking all social networks are viable networks you are not wrong, however not all products are viable products. This comes back to knowing your business but if you know what your product, skill or software is that you are blogging about and trying to drive business too it is so important to target appropriately.

If you are a legal consultant who is expecting posting into Facebook is the best use of your time you could be sorely mistaken. LinkedIn is quickly becoming the #1 professional social network. It is not that postings in Facebook will be pointless but they will not generate the same level of response.

In short the idea is simple. It is not enough to have a strong social network or a phenomenal business writer. It is important that you are integrating the two systems together to create a killer combination.

Get your blogs out to the social network world, target your clientele or key demographics, and know your social networks and how they work. If you can successfully manage to do these things you will be assured of increased traffic and a dedicated place within your niche.

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Mick Say is an Online Business Development and Online Marketing Consultant. Mick's goal is to help businesses to develop meaningful On-line Marketing Strategies via Websites designed to inform and sell.


  1. Yep all “influence” comes down to the simple standard of quality of your CONTENT and your ability to get it shared