The many Benefits of a Business Blog

Top Ten Reasons to Blog for BusinessStatic websites no longer cut the mustard in this web 2.0 world and website owners need to be constantly aware of evolution in internet use and how the search engines such as Google change their algorithms to provide information consumers with what they want at the same time as fighting internet crime, spam and high-ranking poor quality content.

Blogs containing unique original content are favoured by Google and web surfers, and a good blog operated by a social media savvy website manager will gain more authority as readers tweet, book mark and comment on the blog.

Top Ten Benefits of a Business Blog

1. Attract meaningful visitors.
Every business needs to drive visitors to their website. A well written blog not only generates meaningful, targeted, visitor traffic, but it also helps to keeping those visitors coming back and growing in loyalty to your brand.

2. Well Informed prospects become customers
Well informed website visitors are more likely to become customers. Most people turn to the internet to research products and services before they make buying decisions.

A well visited blog can position your business as the go-to place in your category, thereby winning more of the available business. The more you blog and share your knowledge the more authority you will build for yourself or your brand.

3. Customer retention
Next to winning new customers, retaining your existing customers is most important. With a blog you can hold customers attention for longer, and increase their level of loyalty by interacting with them in post comments, on social media and via permission marketing.

4. Invigorate your visitors, prospects and customers
A blog needs to be specific – IE, you need to be centred around a single subject (niche) because if your message is too broad it will be diluted and un interesting. When your blog is on-target you can give the impression that you are speaking to the individual because you understand their needs and you are providing solutions or answers to their questions.

Your weekly blog will be welcomed, read and your call-to-action will be more inviting and invigorating.

5. Building authority, trust and familiarity
When you write a lot of good content you position yourself as a leader in your field, this builds trust, respect and authority. Importantly it also builds familiarity which in turn encourages visitors to opt into your lead generation process and permission marketing process.
Over time you will create a bond of trust, which makes the sale much easier.

6. Brand Amplification
If the purpose of advertising is to amplify and project your brand then blogging is a more powerful medium than traditional advertising because blogging in not intrusive. People find and interact with your blog because they want to, and they return time and time again because they choose to.

This positive attention over the long-term creates trust, a stronger brand message and this in-turn leads to word of mouth marketing, which is one of the most powerful forms of promotion your business can get.

7. Customer relationship management
Customer service and public relations have never been more important; a bad story can spread around the web’s social networks at speed. Your blog becomes a responsive outlet to explain your side of any story and douse the fires of negative activity.

8. Search Engine Optimisation
You can’t beat unique, authoritative content for attracting links from other websites, forums, discussion groups and social networks. These links deliver a high quantity of visitors to your blog , but also high quality, strategically targeted visitors that more easily turn into good leads.

When you promote your blog in social networks you create direct links from those networks to you site/blog and these direct links are very important for your Page Rank (PR). However when you generate lots of good content then your organic search results will also improve – bringing still more traffic to your website.

9. Lead from the front
With a modern blog you can add content from anywhere in the world via a PC, Mac, Laptop or even a mobile device, you never need to wait until you get back to the office to react to a situation or to be the first with breaking news.

Bring new product reviews and news to the market before your competitors do and you may get the lion’s share of early adopter sales.

10. Your customers become your sales team
Lets face it most of the consumers in the developed world, particularly those with good disposable income have access to the internet at home and or at work and they are spending increasing amounts of time online.

When these technically savvy consumers like what you write they are likely to tell their friends about you on the social web, and when you have built meaningful authority they are only too willing to tweet, re-tweet, like, stumble, dig and spread your marketing message for you. They will do this freely with very little or no prompting from you.

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