Digital Marketing Strategy – Consumer Engagement

Digital Marketing Strategy and Consumer EngagementHave you explored the Digital Marketing Mix Yet?
* Is your business completely immersed in the World Wide Web?
* Does your brand truly understand Social Media?
* Does your brand leverage social networks?
* Does your business have a Digital Marketing Strategy?

If not, that’s OK because you are not alone, in fact the majority of businesses have not yet fully immersed their business or brand online.

Digital Marketing Mix and Consumer Engagement

Digital Marketing Mix: Without going into the whole story, the 60 years old marketing mix, Product, Price, Place and Promotion needs to be re-visited because of the new exciting digital arena. Traditionally the marketing mix excluded digital and social media because it did not exist. Today there are more marketing channels than ever which are easy to penetrate for those that have the knowledge.

Consumer Engagement: The great thing about digital and social media channels is that they are consumer driven. Savvy brand marketers are able to leverage this to build brand loyalty by engaging with and developing relationships with their prospects, but beware the brand manager who tries to utilise these channels as broadcasting mediums.

If you are responsible for marketing a business and if the above leaves you with many questions, then I hope you will consider calling upon the services of your local digital marketing expert or contacting us to recommend one to you because the subject is too wide and deep to cover in this post – my goal is to get the reader thinking about Digital Marketing Strategy.

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