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Historians will write Penny into the history books as the person who connected 10 million people, a lady with integrity who tried to touch them all. The vision that Penny once had is now a living and breathing reality that countless thousands of us share by being connecting to people whom add value to our lives. People we would never have met without Penny’s vision and determination to make it happen. Mick Say September 19, 2008

I wrote the above tribute to Penny three years ago almost to the day, we remain great friends and Penny continues to connect people and connect hearts.

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I asked Ecademy Founder Penny Power to Comment

I asked the mother of Business Social Networking, Penny Power why she is spearheading a campaign for Digital Business Britain (Search HashTag > #DBBM)

There is a very serious challenge facing businesses today and that is the movement of social and business communication to the online networks.

I am well aware that the offline world will continue to be a critical part of business; face to face relationships build trust and deep relationships and should always be encouraged, however, the efficiency and reach of the online world enables us to build wider networks, go global with our businesses, innovate, source skills and keep our costs low.

The online world also offers us a new form of communication

Apart form all the practical reasons above, the online world also offers us a new form of communication and that is called ‘social’. Social communication differs from traditional business communication as it has an intent that is based on being a ‘friend’. “Be my friend” is the challenge that business leaders and focused sales and marketing people find the toughest. “We don’t have time to engage randomly on random conversations’ is the most common objection I face in my day to day life as I run around the world evangelizing the message of the shift to social.

In the UK I have been a voice for 13 years along with Thomas, my husband and Business Partner. We both believe in the technology of the digital age, but more critically we believe in the cultural shift and the new philosophy that the technology has unleashed on society.

So, why have I authored the ‘Digital Business Britain Manifesto’

So, why have I authored the ‘Digital Business Britain Manifesto’ and spent the last 5 months since its launch socializing it in order to produce my White Paper on the solutions that I have come up with?

In the late Spring of 2010 Mark Prisk, The Minister for Business invited me to join a Steering Group looking at Business Support in the UK. As I sat amongst the good and the great who are dedicated to small businesses in the UK, I noticed a scary fact, the majority where representing bodies of people that were mature and often retired whom had very little time, interest or belief in the ‘social business’ sites and the communication that was being had within them.

I have the utmost respect for the Business Support world in the UK, but the lack of engagement online and awareness of how social media is helping businesses across the world thrive and grow worried me immensely. Thus the Manifesto was born, acting as a stake in the ground for conversation and a way to open new doors for me into the industry of Apprenticeships, Business Support and Skills in the UK.

I have spent 6 months talking to Academia, Government, Training organisation, business leaders, the technology industry, Born Digital Youths and of course small businesses and I now have a sound awareness and knowledge about the challenges and fears that exists amongst the business community.

Thanks to the open sharing of literally hundreds of people that I have met, I have come up with some powerful solutions to help UK plc grow through the exploitation of the social web and digital tools.

If you are a small business, a business leader or a start-up,

If you are a small business, a business leader or a start-up, I want you to think very carefully about the shift that we are seeing in the world of business communication.

It will test your ability to get on with people, communicate openly, support people that not give you an ROI (return on that investment), like people that you would never have given the time of day to before, and challenge your existing processes and marketing theories; and one day you will look back and be very grateful to those people who helped you on this journey, ‘spammed’ you with invitations to networks even hounded you to be their friend, as those very people might become your future, and that is what is important now, what future are you creating that can be better than your past?

I wish you great success, we are all experiencing many changes in our world, I hope that you have the people around you that are helping you with those challenges, and I hope you have built enough social capital in your life to move forwards and receive new connections, new ideas and new friends, if you haven’t then take a leap of faith and dive into the ‘social world’.

If you have got this far in reading my meanderings, thank you. You may also wish to read my White Paper and maybe, just maybe you might want to get behind some of the thoughts and ideas I have. It is available on

You can read Penny’s book available on Amazon – ‘Know Me, Like Me, Follow Me’ and you can follow Penny on twitter on @PennyPower

Thank you Penny – we wish you god’s speed on your journey.

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