Building a Meaningful Social Network for Business

Building a Social Network for Business3 Key Tools to Building a large and Meaningful Social Network
If you are forever chasing business, it’s because your network is not big enough.”

This phrase was coined long before the internet completely and radically altered the business world as we know it. This term came around when networks were built with the sending of an invitation, the shaking of a hand, or a conversation on a phone.

The internet has warped how business transactions and interactions take place. With options that have never been available until now how you get your message out to the people will be critical. These days this message is even more vital as the number of social networks is expanding and how your business engages into those networks will determine whether or not you will thrive or fall.

If your business cannot be found online, then in the eyes of your customers and prospects your business will cease to exist. This is the reality of the web.

Why a large and constantly evolving Social Network is important

Everyday hundreds of thousands of new websites grace their way to the forefront of Google pages. This also means that everyday hundreds of thousands of existing websites are bumped to the back. Forgotten and lost in the drift of back pages. Slowly and surely this will kill a business. The key to staying relevant and visible on the web is not a quick fix. The process requires diligence, dedication and focus.

The first Social Network building tool you need to to use is Google

Google is the prominent search engine out there and understanding what will bring your page to the front is key in ensuring that your reach your customers.

Obviously understanding that a website is key to this process the next most invaluable tool you can place onto your website is a blog. Please note that a blog is not just you or your CEO’s daily journal. In order to optimize the value of a blog on your website you need to create focused and rich content that is applicable to potential clients and customers.

You need to engage customers with your expertise in your field or niche and this will not only assist you in building authority but also in getting Google to target your site for the keywords that your blogs are generating.

The second Social Network building tool is actually a blend of tools.

Social networks are popping up all around us. For the most part people feel it is simply enough to have a viable Facebook page for our business and we are set.

The reality is that there is no possible way your customers will ever find you with this approach. You need to ensure that you are finding which networks your clients are plugged into and what they want to see and know.

If you learn to engage and expand your social networks within the focused areas of your niches there will be a level of success. Without it your online presence will be just like your business….non-existent.

The third and final Social Network building tool is growth.

To have both blogs and social network is only the foundation of the process. You need to not only have these tools but you need to understand their purpose. You want to make sure that you are reaching out to your social communities and you are growing your network.

The larger your network becomes the more potential for word to spread in a traditional fashion through word of mouth and online from user to user. It is so critical to consistently be aware of growth. If you are not bringing new people into the network on a consistent basis you need to stop and analyse why.

These key tools need to come with a warning as well.

These are not tools that can be mastered and used to their full potential overnight. There are people out there who have an entire career dedicated solely to this process and these tools.

Don’t expect success from these tools if you dedicate a couple spare moments a week to posting and tweeting. This process requires time and dedication. If you are willing to put in the effort you most certainly will see results.

If your hands are full with the running of your business don’t kid yourself that whatever time you dedicate will be enough, it won’t. If you can’t dedicate the time yourself – find a reliable company or firm to do it for you.

It may be that this seems like quite an investment but without it you are up the Network creek without a social paddle.

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Mick Say is an Online Business Development and Online Marketing Consultant. Mick's goal is to help businesses to develop meaningful On-line Marketing Strategies via Websites designed to inform and sell.


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