Digital Marketing – Selling is a Matching Process

Digital Marketing – Selling is a Matching ProcessDigital Marketing – Selling is a Matching Process
The days of the hard-sell are thankfully long gone – but every business on the planet still has the same goal which is to sell their products or services at a respectable margin.

With profit in mind each organisation will constantly review and amend their sales and marketing strategies and in turn they will shift budgets according to their needs, or their customers’ needs.

In the non to distant past we would have large teams of sales people, great lumbering fleets of “reps” with jackets hung from the clip in the back of their diesel gulping, planet killing company cars. Today things are changing; – for many commercial and green reasons we are reducing the size of these teams and turning to online and digital marketing to fill the gap left by the direct sales person.

Selling is a Matching Process

Formally trained sales people are taught how to create the desire for a prospect to buy, by matching their products or services to the prospects needs. A great sales person will do their research before making a presentation, therefore overcoming known objections, such as price before they are raised.

But, what of the Sole-Trader and Micro businesses who don’t have a sales team, or the corporate body who, needs to down-size to make their business more green and cost-of-sales efficient to stay competitive on the global market?

The relationship I have with my clients is not one of buyer and seller but as a single team striving to achieve a single goal. Mick Say

The social web, in conjunction with digital marketing tools and resources has opened the proverbial door to countless thousands/millions of consumers in every business genre and product category.

The challenge today for business is to understand digital media and then merge or immerse their marketing into it and flow with it like a stream into a sea.

This means taking formal integrity based sales techniques to the masses via the social web with a view to persuading prospects to make buying decisions in your favour.

This sales strategy can be achieved by any entity from sole trader to corporate giant, but they first need the skills and knowledge build the strategy and select the resources.

Filling the Skills and Knowledge Gap

Engaging in social media and digital marketing is not for the faint hearted – if it is to work, to deliver meaningful traffic to your website and to your shopping cart then you will need a detailed strategy developed by an expert in the field.

Business owners and CEO’s should be aware of how the social web and digital marketing works but they are well advised not to try and build this strategy by themselves as they will for sure waist countless precious hours with little to show for it except a lot of wasted time.

Global Social Media and Digital Marketing Network

Whilst digital marketing and digital marketing training can be carried out online across the world – I would advise any business owner to contract the services of a face-to-face digital marketing consultant.

Whilst the Online Marketing Academy is based in the London area of the United Kingdom – we have a network of trusted Digital Marketing experts in every country of the world, so if you the reader of this post would like Digital Marketing help and support from a trusted and experienced consultant, please contact us and we will point you in the right direction.

About Mick Say

Mick Say is an Online Business Development and Online Marketing Consultant. Mick's goal is to help businesses to develop meaningful On-line Marketing Strategies via Websites designed to inform and sell.