Digital Marketing – A conversation about Klout

Klout ScoresDigital Marketing – A conversation about Klout
Klout seems to be on everyone’s lips today, at least in the circles I roll in, and there is a pattern emerging in the conversation.

Those that have a low Klout Score say:
Klout is irrelevant.

Those with a high Klout score say:
Klout is very important and relevant.

Those who say Klout is irrelevant accuse those with high Klout scores of making a lot of “Noise” and manipulating Klout, and those with high Klout scores say that they just engage within their communities and their Klout score is-what-it-is.

On which side of the Klout fence do you lean?

I am personally on the Klout is important side of the fence and it’s not just Klout I bear great trust and respect for Peer Index, Empire Avenue several other measurement tools.

An immediate and clear indication of engagement and influence
Klout and Peer Index give me and you an immediate insight into how well engaged and how influential a person or a brand is online, and whilst these metrics are arguably not 100% accurate they are a very good indication and the platforms are evolving and becoming more useful tools.

Klout is important for any person involved in Marketing

Because Business is a Battle Being Fought Online and our weapons are digital and network marketing focused, the technology exists to measure everybody’s online foot-print and their Social Authority and Reach and this means that you can measure the performance of your campaigns and your marketing people and or agencies.

If you as a business leader needed to hire a marketing consultant or recruit a new marketing executive would you prefer to hire one with a low Klout Score or a high one? In this respect both you and the potential consultant or employee would have to agree that a high Klout score is as desirable as it is important, because you are not going to entrust your companies future success to a consultant or employee with low authority and little reach?

In this digital age all people responsible for revenue generation must adopt a Digital Mindset and embrace digital technology. Even now companies are using Klout and Peer Index to vet potential employees for their digital marketing teams.

From the marketing team to the CEO and chairman my message is clear.
If your business cannot be found online, then in the eyes of your customers your business will cease to exist.

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Mick Say is an Online Business Development and Online Marketing Consultant. Mick's goal is to help businesses to develop meaningful On-line Marketing Strategies via Websites designed to inform and sell.