Social Media to the Test – Can you help with this IT problem?

Putting Social Media to the TestA client of mine moved to a new warehouse and office. Before the move his internet connection which serves 12 busy computers all using Pegasus Opera and various online operations all worked fine. Since the move the internet connection is very, very slow and frequently stops working all together.

BT Blames the old copper cables which service the new premises, and there is no Cable in the area, the ISP seems not to be able to help or offer any suggestions and my technical knowledge does not stretch to help with this problem.

This problem is interrupting good service and frustrating all of the staff, it’s not a good place to work at the moment because everyone is stressed…

How can Social Media Help me to Help my Client?

* Can you, my social network of friends personally suggest a fix or solution ?
* Or – Can you ask a knowledgeable friend to read this post and suggest a solution?
* Or can you Re-Tweet this plea for help to your network hoping to help us find the answer?

My client’s business is in Park Royal, London, NW10, United Kingdom.
In the first instance please leave a comment below with any suggestions you may have which will be very gratefully received.

Any suggestions would be very helpful because my client is like a bear with a sore head !!!!

Thanks a million – Mick

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  1. Chris Allen says:

    In that area you should be able to find a keener ISP. But get local knowledge, I don’t live in the UK anymore.
    Failing that, get a 3G connector and plug it into one of the computers and see if you are satisfied with the speed. If so, consider investing in

    a) a 3G connector and contract for each person
    b) you can buy a small portable hub with 3g connection and contract, for several computers to share
    c) if your business apps are all email and browser-based, replace the computers with tablets with 3g connection. Maybe gradually.