20 Very Easy Steps to Selling via Social Networks?

Selling via Social NetworksPart Parody, but truth about Selling via Social Networks.
There are two types of prospect that I speak to regarding social media strategy, 1). Has no confidence at all in Social Media as a route to market.
2). The prospect who thinks that we can build them a social strategy and get them 10,000.00 friends and followers by tea-time…

In each case I try to explain that “Social Media” is a phrase which describes a multitude of applications, programs, networks and websites which constitute the “Social Web” and to develop a social networking strategy the business will need to utilize many of the available resources and then join, follow, friend, connect, comment, communicate, share and engage their target audience.

Selling is not on actually the social networking agenda!

The truth is that the organisation which enters social networks with a sell-sell attitude will be sorely disappointed with the outcome. Social networks are a powerful force for serendipity and advocacy and the organisation must build trust and authority by offering support and advice before serendipity occurs and advocacy pays dividends.

Social Media Parody or Social Media Truth or a bit of both?

Twenty Very Easy Steps to Selling via Social Networks!.
1. Join lots of networks knowing that you will sell loads of stuff.
2. Connect to thousands of contacts and try to them sell lots of stuff.
3. Wait for the orders to pour in, they’re gonna come right?
4. Scratch your head and wait a bit longer, the money is coming right?
5. OK revaluate your sales plan, connect to MORE people
6. Send out your cheaper offers and wait while the money rolls in overnight !
7. Think, this is all bollocks, social media sucks, I ain’t selling anything !
8. Spit your dummy-out and walk away – it’s a waste of time, right ?
9. But then you think, I may not of sold anything but I enjoyed social media
10. You get back on your computer and begin communicating with people
11. You start having fun writing blogs, and commenting on other blogs
12. You join a few groups and begin helping people and offering advice
13. You lose your Sinicism and start making even more new friends
14. You join a boardroom and give your advice freely
15. You start to attend monthly meetings and let your hair down
16. You start having 1-2-1’s with fellow networkers
17. The phone rings with an enquiry, you were recommended to me by xxx
17. An email lands with an order for three.
18. A new client writes a glowing testimonial
19. You receive 3 emails asking for a quote
20. This serendipity stuff really works !

Sales and business growth happens when you have created trust, authority and respect.
That’s it… But you have to work at it – Which stage are you at?

Inbound MarketingInbound Marketing. I have been through each stage and its been painful, my journey only really started when I learned the value of social networks and the meaning of community.

Since originally writing the 20 steps parody my network has grown still further and I have met in real time and virtually many great people, friends, mentors, clients and vendors, Social network marketing or more correctly termed – “Inbound Marketing” is a no brainer for business – You’ve got to be in it to win it and if your not in – your business may soon be out in the cold.

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Mick Say is an Online Business Development and Online Marketing Consultant. Mick's goal is to help businesses to develop meaningful On-line Marketing Strategies via Websites designed to inform and sell.