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Social Media Strategy – Mine is Prehistoric

Remember when we used to sit round the fire in the cave and swap stories about chasing down the antelope and catching the fish? Those were the day's, all we had to worry about was how to keep warm and what we were going to eat tomorrow. So how much has really changed in 500 Thousand years? > OK, not a serious question > but my analogy is relevant. Swap the cave for your blog, Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ and we are still telling stories.. Here's a story about to unfold The second High-Impact Social Media event is coming to Cardiff, Wales on the 6th of February 2012. … [Read more...]

Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

The online marketing toolbox is constantly evolving with an ever changing assortment of new and innovative marketing tools but in the hustle and bustle of the web do we often accept new and improved and scrap older mediums and throw the baby out with the bath water? Permission based Email marketing is an established and proven marketing medium and it is still a relevant marketing tool. Most businesses though don’t use this important marketing method to its full potential. Email marketing offers three benefits that other mediums often miss: Familiarity Top of mind awareness, and … [Read more...]

Do all Businesses Need an Online Marketing Strategy?

Most business owners and marketers accept that the Marketing Mix has changed because of the evolution of online marketing technology and if they want to appear on the front page of Google in the future and sell more stuff they have three choices. 1. Spend a lot of money Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC). Or 2. Invest in organic search strategies. Or 3. Both of the above. The Online Marketing Academy invests very little PPC advertising because we have a mature organic “Search Marketing” Strategy and this brings us more business than we can cope with, but this enviable position has been … [Read more...]

Social Media – Do-it-Yourself or Call in the Experts?

Most businesses are looking for the edge in social media and to make this task harder there is a constant flow of new Digital Marketing tools to think about and consider. One common issue we all share is how the hec do we keep up with the pace of technology, and what if anything should we implement into our strategic marketing plans? It’s no surprise then, that many business owners realise that the task of evaluating new technology is not for them, and they work with a Digital Marketing Agency such as the Online Marketing Academy. Three good reasons why businesses should use a Social … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing – Is FaceBook Right for Your Business?

Is FaceBook Right for Your Business? Facebook is the largest of the Social Networks which connects, joins, and informs millions of people (prospects?). FaceBook has been the topic for thousands books, millions of blog posts and even an Hollywood film so there has to be something in it. The FIRST question for business is, should we be on FaceBook as a brand? Well, for many people (consumers) Facebook is part of their daily routine, from posting updates, checking in with friends or chatting in groups. => this raises the SECOND question for business; can business leverage this for … [Read more...]

Matt Hodkinson Interviews Mick Say on Empire Avenue

Matt Hodkinson visited Mick Say at the Social Media Shed and asked Mick questions about his experience on Empire Avenue. Empire Avenue is about fun and learning, keeping up with my skills and connecting to new and interesting people. I do it because I enjoy it and because I can learn from my peers. … [Read more...]

Matt Hodkinson – Social Media Monitoring

Matt Hodkinson, The "Influence Agent" With the rapid and continued growth of social media and online networking, there are millions of conversations online each hour of each day. There are a number of tools available to help companies collate these conversations for analysis. But the true value for the brand lies not just in discovering what is being said about the brand, it’s about the insights they learn about their audience, and identifying who the most influential is amongst them. I asked Matt Hodkinson why is Social Media Monitoring important for brands? … [Read more...]

Social Media and the Digital Marketing Mix

Social Media and the New Digital Marketing Mix Search engines used to rely heavily on Inbound links to determine the authority of a website and whilst they still matter social media is quickly becoming a key source of website authority ranking by the search engines. In February this year Google updated their Search Algorithm, a change they named Panda in order to return better, fresher, newer content to the top of searches. You can read more about Google Panda here. Why Social Media is Important in the Marketing Mix. The search engines are businesses which survive and prosper by … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing – Do you have a Mega-Brand-Mindset?

A Paradigm Shift in Marketing Technology In the blink of eye and entire movement in marketing has changed from push to pull, I personally receive 90%+ less junk mail through my letter box than I did 5 years ago and I receive 95%+ more opted-in marketing email messages than I did 5 years ago. This is really cool because I receive information and deals on the stuff that I want and when I want something new, I search Google for it. Not long ago most TV commercials call to action was Ring the telephone hotline, or "answers on a postcard? today however almost every TV commerical … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing is about future value because….

We live in a fast forward world where very few people listen until they actually want something. The volume of marketing messages delivered to us is huge and this makes the marketing space very complicated to see, absorb, and leverage. It’s like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack but bigger. We only think about looking for the needle when we need to darn our socks and when that time comes we type “where is the needle” into Google! The trouble with this is that there are many businesses trying to sell needles, so in order to be found online and sell lots of needles you … [Read more...]