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Axel Schultze - Social Presence DevelopmentLiving in Silicon Valley, Axel Schultze is XeeMe CEO.
Axel Schultze is an mesmerising man who gets satisfaction out of creating something of value to others and as an entrepreneur he is always at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Fascinated by sociology, Axel compares today’s societal changes to that of the industrial revolution some 200 years ago, and he explains that social presence is now a core asset of any social media engagement.

Whilst sociology was not even on Axels radar 20 years ago his fascination for it today has culminated in the development of what is arguably the biggest leap forward in “Social Presence Development” since he entered the social web in 2003.

I asked Axel Schultze:

What is your Vision of Social Presence Development?
People begin to seriously think about their social presence as a key asset in their social media engagement. However too many people have a convoluted social presence with a profile here and a profile there, some well maintained, others less so or even not maintained at all.

It is becoming apparent that our social engagement has four major pillars

  1. The presence we are based on and do everything from (social presence)
  2. The network we acquire (social network of people)
  3. The content we create and share (social content)
  4. Conversations and activities (social engagement)
  5. All together XeeMe supports: Presence – People – Content – Engagement

Why is Social Presence so important?

  • Content from an author that has no presence is less attractive
  • A network from somebody that has no presence is no network
  • Conversations with somebody who has no presence is like talking to a robot
  • The better the presence the more attractive is everything else
  • As such a social presence has a real and very important value
  • If there is a value we need to measure it…

Presence development is a new “art” in the social web

XeeMe is designed to be not just a digital business card – but includes strategic aspects of a powerful presence development; It’s about organising, sharing and monitoring Social Presence

Have you begun to develop your Social Presence yet?

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