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Which Smart Phone, iPhone, Android or BlackBerryCan you help me nail the “Which Smart-Phone” Question
OK, so I have an iPhone (which I like) and I have had an Android, which I gave to my daughter when she drown her phone, so I need another Android. But I need to make sure I invest wisely.

The smart phone I chose will be used for Social Media and it will get a lot of punishment with all of the major apps and it will need to have a really good camera because I take and post a lot of photo’s.

Can you please help me by suggesting which Smart-Pone you would recommend, my criteria is simple.

  1. A fast really good camera for posting images and video to the web
  2. Fast Reliable OS, no problems with crashing under power-use

That’s it really, it just needs to be reliable – I want to pitch, test and review my iPhone 5 (when it arrives) against the best of the rest, if you can help me decide what the best of the rest is I would be very grateful and will report the results of my test in the future.

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