Social Media and the Digital Marketing Mix

Social Media and the The Digital Marketing MixSocial Media and the New Digital Marketing Mix
Search engines used to rely heavily on Inbound links to determine the authority of a website and whilst they still matter social media is quickly becoming a key source of website authority ranking by the search engines.

In February this year Google updated their Search Algorithm, a change they named Panda in order to return better, fresher, newer content to the top of searches. You can read more about Google Panda here.

Why Social Media is Important in the Marketing Mix.

The search engines are businesses which survive and prosper by providing their users with high-quality content resultant from our searches, so they need to ensure that when you and I search for something that they return high quality websites and content to us or we will stop using their service and switch to a better source of information.

Today the search engine algorithms, as well as looking at quality back-links are using links from twitter and Google+ and links from Twitter for example are “Authority-Weighted” by the quality of the twitter users who are sharing the links. EG; if a link is tweeted by a person with 20 followers who each have 20 followers then this link will not be considered very important.

However if the same link is shared by a Twitter user who has 10,000.00 followers who each have 5,000.00 followers then the authority of this link will be considered higher and of course as the link is tweeted and re-tweeted by more people in the chain then, it becomes increasingly important to have a large, authoritative social network.

If you are forever chasing business it is because your network is not big enough!
Thomas Power, Ecademy Chairman

Large numbers of friends, followers and fans.

The immediate answer would seem to be to go out and find 10’s of thousands of friends and followers, and whilst this is true, they need to be meaningfully engaged with subject matter which is important to them, so the business who simply follows for the sake of large numbers will enjoy a poor return on their social media and Digital Marketing investment.

Digital Marketing Mix

The Digital Marketing Mix, includes strategies for Product, Price, Place and Promotion, with the Place aspect of the mix being Digital Marketing distributed via the Social Networks. Experienced marketers will be familiar with the marketing mix but they may need support with Digital Marketing.

The Online Marketing Academy was formed to help businesses navigate this new digital world and leverage the awesome potential of Social Networks and Search Marketing. We welcome your enquirers to provide the resources and training needed to succeed.

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