Digital Marketing – Is FaceBook Right for Your Business?

Facebook Stats UKIs FaceBook Right for Your Business?
Facebook is the largest of the Social Networks which connects, joins, and informs millions of people (prospects?).

FaceBook has been the topic for thousands books, millions of blog posts and even an Hollywood film so there has to be something in it. The FIRST question for business is, should we be on FaceBook as a brand?

Well, for many people (consumers) Facebook is part of their daily routine, from posting updates, checking in with friends or chatting in groups. => this raises the SECOND question for business; can business leverage this for business benefit?

In recent months we have seen many FaceBook layout changes and other innovations designed to make the platform easier and more fun to use, I have to say that they have hit the nail on the head, it works for me as an individual and as a business owner.

Importantly for business, Facebook is reaching a broad audience with innovations for individuals, businesses and groups Facebook has something for everyone and remains the most prominent and highly used social network of all time, and it’s still growing!

So the answer to both questions is; YES, Businesses should be in FaceBook engaging with customers and prospects.

Tell the people about it

One of the oldest rules in marketing is to get your message to where the people are, IE: Tell the people about your products and services. With Facebook being the largest social network most companies should really be trying to leverage the familiarity and facility of FaceBook, potentially reaching large numbers of prospects.

One thing is for certain, right now Facebook’s current membership is BIG at around 800 Million members so if you seek to ensure that your business is on the cutting edge of Digital Marketing and Social Media you may consider hiring a social media team or commissioning Social Media training for your staff.

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