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The What’s Next Social Media Event for Business in the UK

The dates have finally been set and the second What's Next Social Media for Business Event is being held on February 6th 2012 at the amazing ATRiuM at the University of Glamorgan in Cardiff, Wales. Check out the short video below and then click through to The What's Next Event Website for more details and bookings. What's Next Event at the ATRiuM University of Glamorgan, Cardiff. Tweet NZSAQUAPT5ZR … [Read more...]

XeeMe – Social Presence Management

I have been thinking a great deal about my social presence lately and the more I thought about it the more I got lost in where I have been and what I have done online in recent years. It started a few weeks ago when I had to take a couple of weeks away from social media and when I returned I felt a little lost and disconnected, you see over the years I have joined literally hundreds of social networks and today I can’t remember when I last engaged with most of them or even remember what most of them are for or about. This set me thinking that it was about time I formally organised my … [Read more...]

How Much Does FaceBook Activity Influence your Klout?

I tested how much Klout influence I was getting from FaceBook On November the 3rd I disconnected my FaceBook from Klout and within 24 hours I dropped like a stone from a Klout score of 62 to a Klout Score of 50 !! I then reconnected my facebook and within another 24 hours my Klout score raised to 62 – Phew – a dangerous test but one that proves that FaceBook plays a large part in overall social influence, according to Klout. 24 hours after disconnecting FaceBook from Klout 24 hours after re-connecting FaceBook to Klout … [Read more...]

Social Media Authority – What’s all the Klout about?

Klout - The Standard for Influence I read lots of stuff about the changes which Klout made but it makes no sense to me and here’s why. If Klout is the Standard for Influence why does Klout discourage the influencing of people with low Klout scores – or have I misunderstood something? Joe Fernandez Said on Accuracy and Transparency: The subscores contribute to one overall score, the Klout Score. We’ve always been transparent about the various activities that could impact your Klout Score but we now have the power to share the specific actions that are helping or hurting your score. When … [Read more...]