How Much Does FaceBook Activity Influence your Klout?

FaceBook's Influence on KloutI tested how much Klout influence I was getting from FaceBook
On November the 3rd I disconnected my FaceBook from Klout and within 24 hours I dropped like a stone from a Klout score of 62 to a Klout Score of 50 !!

I then reconnected my facebook and within another 24 hours my Klout score raised to 62 – Phew – a dangerous test but one that proves that FaceBook plays a large part in overall social influence, according to Klout.

24 hours after disconnecting FaceBook from Klout

Klout Score of 50

24 hours after re-connecting FaceBook to Klout

Klout Score of 62

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  1. Such experiments only for the brave! Look forward to hearing from someone who DID disconnect their twitter account!

  2. My Klout went up 5 points in one day because I “recently increased my influence on Facebook.” So, yeah, I would say it matters a lot.

    Not sure what they are measuring. I have lots of likes and comments and shares – not just from you and our mutual friends, but from other people who are liking and sharing who didn’t engage much with me before. I changed the type of things I share when I activated my timeline – everything looks different and it is a much better platform for sharing graphics and photos. And my engagement went up from every quarter, and I have a REALLY diverse group of friends.

    I only recently realized that people who don’t have a timeline don’t see mine, they just see my old page, but evidently the things I am sharing because of the timeline format are playing well on the old format page also.

    Now, that may or may not explain a score that goes up – but I am at a loss to know why a score would sink 30 or 40 points, or even 10 just for being off FB for a day or so. And, no I am not going to disconnect from Twitter either. 🙂

    • Hi Susan

      Thanks a million for your comment – The huge drop in Klout was not because I was off FaceBook for a day – it was because I disconnected FaceBook from Klout for 24 hours as a test and I dropped 13 points – when I reconnected it again – 24 hours later my original Klout score was re-instated.

      It was just a test – Thanks again – Mick

  3. susan borst says:

    Wow, Mick, that is a huge difference.

    I did the same test and didn’t see any difference at all. I went down only 0.01, but I’ve been steadily declining at that rate every day anyway. Further, despite the face that I”m disconnected, Klout keeps asking me to invite Facebook friends to Klout (and I know they don’t have a Twitter account.) Something seems very fishy. Tomorrow I’ll add Facebook back to see what happens.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Susan

      These changes are very annoying but I suppose its the price we pay for evolution – we just have to grin and bear it 🙂

      Thanks a million – Mick

  4. Ah yes – but in what way? Are you a heavy facebook user or a light user? Do you have lots of fans? Or do you have a few but a lot of interaction? What is it about facebook that is being measured? For some users, repeating your experiment might make little difference.. And, do you need to have that facebook link to reach 62, or could you get there anyway eventually without it?

    (An interesting test none-the-less 🙂 )

    • Hi Nick

      I have a couple of thousand FB friends and I am quite a heavy user so it really was not a surprise to me when I think about it.

      I just really wanted to know because many pundits said that Klout was newly putting more influence on FaceBook than it did twitter so I thought I would test it….

      Before you ask > I am not brave enough to disconnect my Twitter account from Klout 🙂

      Have a great day – Mick