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XeeMe Social Presence ManagementI have been thinking a great deal about my social presence lately and the more I thought about it the more I got lost in where I have been and what I have done online in recent years.

It started a few weeks ago when I had to take a couple of weeks away from social media and when I returned I felt a little lost and disconnected, you see over the years I have joined literally hundreds of social networks and today I can’t remember when I last engaged with most of them or even remember what most of them are for or about.

This set me thinking that it was about time I formally organised my social presence and I wondered how I could achieve this. I don’t have a list of all of the networks that I have joined and other than my favourite Social Networks which are Ecademy, Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube I don’t really engage efficiently or have a map of where I am active.

Organising and Prioritising my Social Presence

Coincidentally @MQTodd had introduced me to XeeMe a few weeks earlier and I blindly joined without really taking any notice of what it was for. Then it hit me like a freight train, I can use XeeMe to list and prioritise the Social Networks which are important to me and as a bonus I can share this information with my friends and community.

So for the last couple of weeks and over the next few weeks I will register all of my active networks in my XeeMe dashboard and gain control over my social presence. This will help me to prioritise where I spend my available and valuable time.

Powerful Social Presence Analytics

Amazingly I found that my XeeMe dashboard has some very powerful Analytics which allows me to see and evaluate my Social Networks performance a little more effectively.

XeeMe is a very exciting and very powerful aid to developing and controlling my social presence, and the biggest bonus of all is that XeeMe (pronounced See Me) is FREE.

Try XeeMe for free yourself > Get your Free XeeMe account by clicking this link.

Social Presence

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  1. Mick! Great post on using XeeMe. I think it has potential for social media power users and networkers. The stats are nice to have when you compare it to About.me. The apps they offer are also promising if you want to dive more into your connections. Very interesting site!

  2. The main detraction from Xeeme’s analytics is that it only counts traffic from your Xeeme page to your networks. Now that they have laid their foundation, they should be working on some APIs to track visits on your social networks themselves. I also did a small experiment that showed users were less likely to follow my Twitter or Add me on Facebook when sent to Xeeme as opposed to links to the websites or buttons.

    I like having Xeeme for organizational purposes like you mentioned, it is much better than http://about.me simply because it gives you more options and is a direct pathway to your networks instead of an aggregator. I think I’ll put some work into my XeeMe page tonight and get it updated. There are just too many networks.

    • Hi Adam

      Thanks for your comment. XeeMe is still quite new and I believe they have lots of developments in the Pipeline so keep on with it buddy.

      Thanks again – Mick

  3. Thanks Mick and thanks for all comments from your readers.


  4. Hey Mick… excellent post.

    I (like you) also had many social media sites that I signed up for and very much welcomed a place like XeeMe to help me organize them.

    Love the reporting feature as well… seeing your graph above inspired me to take another look at mine in XeeMe… WOW I was quite surprised to see which were my top 12 most relevant networks (and in what order)!

    Very cool… thanks! See you over on XeeMe!

  5. Mick, This a great post to highlight the power of Social Media Organization. I am using Xeeme now and finding myself better connected with less stress. I can now effectively follow through with my new connections as well as monitor my social presence on multiple platforms in much less time.

    • Hi Carece

      XeeMe is a great tool I will be adding to it a bit at a time over the coming months, I finally feel like I am getting organised.

      Thank you – Mick