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Writing Compelling Website Content

Have you noticed how writing styles have been changing? I have to admit to not having read a book for about three years, this is sad I know but I read at least 10 times more now than I ever did before, but this reading is all web based via my PC browser and my iPad. Writing styles are more relaxed today by most authors and bloggers I read, is this a sign of the times? Is this because more people have access to to write for am audience because of easy access to the internet and social media? I think that this is a good thing because their content is easier and more fun to read, and as … [Read more...]

How to write a sizzling bio, with no cheese or hype or BS

How to write a sizzling bio, with no cheese or hype or BS Well that’s a challenge. It’s ingrained in us all, when we settle down to write about our life and achievements, we fall back on the old clichés...and suddenly we’re all “pro-active individuals with a passion for success” instead of the distinctive, interesting people we really are! If you’re writing a bio for a web page, please don’t fall into this trap. Keep in mind, you’re writing something to showcase your achievements and personality – to persuade the reader that you’re more than just a competent pro. You’re an all-round … [Read more...]

Why Ecademy is my favorite Social Network.

Sadly, Ecademy was sold on and was morphed into something else which simply was not the same. Please note that all of the content below is now obsolete. Ecademy is a membership organisation for entrepreneurs and business owners who belong to a community that connects, supports and transacts with one another. Short Video - Why Ecademy is my favorite Social Network Build Strong Business Relationships To build a strong business relationship, you must first gain trust from one another through having a personal relationship, this is critical before you can expect to move onto a … [Read more...]

How to connect to more people on the Xeeme

Xeeme is now "appearoo" Your social presence is your most important social media asset. It is the sum of all your profiles and connections. Your social presence is the launch pad for conversations and information sharing. Short Video - How to connect to people on XeeMe Three great Reasons to use Xeeme Social Presence Management 1) Organize your social footprint Get all your social profiles into one place, one page, one vanity URL ( 2) Shareing and advocating across all networks Share your XeeMe wherever you are to make it easy for contacts, friends, … [Read more...]

Mind Boggling Facebook Statistics Entering 2012

Can it really be true that 50.3% - That's one in every two Americans has a Facebook account? Well according to the highly respected "World Internet Stats News" yes they do! and if you are of a certain age (like me) this really makes the mind boggle.. The official Facebook stats page reports that Facebook now has "more than 800 Million active users" and 50% of us log on to Facebook in any given day to interact with more than 900 Million objects (pages, groups, events and community pages). The average Facebook user has 130 friends and between us we upload 250 million photos per day ! Glad I … [Read more...]