How to connect to more people on the Xeeme

Xeeme is now “appearoo”

Your social presence is your most important social media asset.
It is the sum of all your profiles and connections. Your social presence is the launch pad for conversations and information sharing.

Short Video – How to connect to people on XeeMe

Three great Reasons to use Xeeme Social Presence Management

1) Organize your social footprint
Get all your social profiles into one place, one page, one vanity URL (

2) Shareing and advocating across all networks
Share your XeeMe wherever you are to make it easy for contacts, friends, reader and everybody else to get in touch with you. Sign comments and posts with your XeeMe URL. Use the little gadgets we provide for your Blog, website or your email signature..

3) Constantly monitor progress and success
Watch the number of visits to your XeeMe. Review the network relevance reports and your social presence reports. XeeMe provides very insightful social presence analytics.

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