Writing Compelling Website Content

Compelling Website ContentHave you noticed how writing styles have been changing?

I have to admit to not having read a book for about three years, this is sad I know but I read at least 10 times more now than I ever did before, but this reading is all web based via my PC browser and my iPad.

Writing styles are more relaxed today by most authors and bloggers I read, is this a sign of the times? Is this because more people have access to to write for am audience because of easy access to the internet and social media?

I think that this is a good thing because their content is easier and more fun to read, and as a bonus it makes writing a lot easier too.

How do you stand out from the crowd?

With so much content and competition on the internet how on earth do you write content that people want to read?

Well for starters we need to write content that people want to read. This sounds obvious I know but we need to write content which keeps readers coming back.

When you develop a reputation for writing great content your readers will look forward to receiving your posts and this will encourage them to share it socially as well.

I have never considered my self to be a good writer, but my inbox receives a steady and growing stream of new business and my requests to speak at events is growing rapidly, so I must be doing something right.

My formula for blog and website copywriting

Firstly I have pledged just to be myself I have me own writing style which is far from academic but it reflects who I am as a person and as a professional.

    My top tips for writing compelling website content:

  • Be your self and develop your own style
  • Stay on subject, don’t dilute your message by going off topic
  • Write as regularly as you can a minimum of one blog per week
  • Keep the content focused and simple
  • Make sure the content is unique
  • Use paragraph titles to attract attention down the page
  • Get to the point quickly or readers will get board
  • Link through to supporting information on your own site
  • Believe in what you are writing and it will flow
  • Research your subject if you need to, but keep it authentic to you

Also remember to cater for the search engines as well as people, Google likes great content too. Finally try to mention your business in your blog post if you can do it without boring your readers because you want to rank well for your business name and your subject matter.

Here at the Online Marketing Academy, we write about Digital Marketing, Online Business Development, Social Media and Website Development. There that was (I hope) an effective way to get our business name and subject matter in to the post for the benefit of our readers and the Search Engines.

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