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Getting the right broadband to suit your business needs

Excellent communication services are a crucial element in running any modern-day business, and finding an excellent broadband deal and an appropriate service package can be bewildering when faced with the vast range of choice currently available. There are many different broadband speeds and services available and the one you eventually decide upon will need to be tailored to your current business needs as well as the predicted future requirements. Broadband provision is a critical decision that can have profound consequences for growth and development of a business, so it is worth … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Why Digital Marketing and Social Media? Social Mediaas a broad term is about community, conversation and meaningful engagement with either family and friends or with clients or prospects or as in my case all of the above. Digital Marketing as a broad term is about "Marketing" My Definition of Digital Marketing "identify what the customer wants and then deliver a more than adequate service to them which meets their want and needs and to do this at a fair price" Digital Marketing and Social Media Technology Those who seek to leverage Social Media and Digital Marketing for business benefit … [Read more...]