The end of an Era and a bright new future for Britannica

Encyclopedia BritannicaI fondly remember turning the pages of Encyclopedia Britannica in my youth and thinking about it we all took the collection for granted as volumes could be seen on the bookshelves of many homes.

Encyclopedia Britannica was first published Edinburgh in 1768 and although publication moved to the United States in 1901 the Encyclopedia was a British Institution, and it maintained British spelling to the present day.

Encyclopedia Britannica and the Online version is owned by Swiss investor Jacqui Eli Safra, who (incidentally) owns Spring Mountain Vineyards in California. Anyway enough of my envy…

Encyclopedia Britannica announces no more printed versions…

In March 2012 the owners of Encyclopedia Britannica announced that they would no longer publish printed editions and will focus solely on the Online version. The first edition of Encyclopedia Britannica between 1768 and 1771 as three volumes and the last printed edition was a 32 volume set in 2010.

Considering the size of the publication and economic pressures there is I suppose, no surprise that at around $1,400.00 for a 32 volume set, the decision to quit the print version was made when the digital version is so much more accessible to everyone, and very much more affordable at £49.95 for an annual subscription.

Digital Products for a Digital World

I can’t help thinking that the passing of such a learned printed publication is a sad occasion, what is to become of the printed word ? Where will books be in another 200 years ?

OK, they are rhetorical questions and I have to admit that it is quite some time since I have read a printed book and choose to read most everything on the screens of my PC, Laptop, iPad or iPhone but having said that I am feeling nostalgic for the smell and feel of paper in my hands…

Digital publications are growing at the same rate as the digital world, and digital marketing companies such as ours are benefiting from this evolution in digital marketing and digital publications.

Wishing Encyclopedia Britannica Well..

I have purchased an annual subscription and will report back from time to time with reviews on the online version of Encyclopedia Britannica..

Here is what Encyclopedia Britannica promise…

I am confident that they will deliver..

    How you will benefit:

  • Presented with the correct facts in an uncertain, shifting world
  • Have confidence in the knowledge provided by more than 4,000 worldwide expert contributors
  • Culture-neutral and unbiased
  • Complex topics explained in an uncomplicated manner
  • The key back-story to this mornings news
  • Value for money – less than 11 pence per day

Britannica Online is a unique multipurpose resource created to satisfy and enhance the learning and research needs of all of its users. Whether it is for project work, research, or for swift access to information, Britannica Online provides a secure, accurate and up-to-date reference resource that allows its users to find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently. Search results are displayed simply, in order of relevance.

Britannica Online combines three databases to supply users with a vast array of detailed articles, images, videos and animations suitable for all levels of research. Current news links keep users up-to-date with events around the world.

    Key product features:

  • Unrivalled quality of text managed by experienced editors
  • Constantly refreshed and updated
  • Clutter-free and relevant search results
  • Up-to-date with links to current events
  • Britannica-checked, trusted web links
  • Over 23,000 graphics and multimedia assets
  • Homework and research tools
  • Atlas and maps
  • Interactive games, videos and images
  • Dictionary and Thesaurus and much more!

Encyclopedia Britannica Subscriptions
** I am not in any way affiliated to Encyclopedia Britannica, I’m just a big fan…

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