What is Influencer Marketing? #SocialMedia

What is Influencer MarketingInfluencer marketing is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on key individuals rather than the whole target market.
It identifies individuals with influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.

“we are on the cusp of a marketing revolution that is being led by you: the citizen influencer
Azeem Azhar: CEO PeerIndex

Social Influencer Marketing

Social Influence is not new; Social Influencer Marketing has been a tactic used in physical networking and consumer groups for many years but the emergence and popularity of Social Media and the development of Social Scoring tools such as PeerIndex, Klout and Kred allows brands to easily find Social Influencers and encourage them to promote their products and services to their networks.

Word of Mouth Marketing

In the physical world people recognise the phrase “Influencer Marketing” as “Word of Mouth Marketing“. Word of Mouth Marketing happens when trusted peers recommend the products and services of people they know and trust (or when a company or brand offers them an incentive to recommend their stuff).

Social Influencer Marketing today differs in that the Social Influencer is well connected in the Social Media Networks. And the people in those extended networks trust the influencer and are likely to follow their advice when it comes to reviews and recommendations.

Social Influencer

The Social Influencers of the future will become sought after commodities by brand owners who will be willing to pay for their “influencing” services. It is easy today and will become even easier in the near future to find the Social Influencers in every walk of life and business niche. Even today it is easy to find social influencers using Social Scoring tools such as Klout and PeerIndex.

Peer Index Social Scoring

Peer Index Social ScoringSocial Scoring Platforms
There are many Social Scoring platforms but I will use PeerIndex for example purposes.

Your social Score is a relative measure of your online authority and your social score will reflect the impact of your social activities and the extent of your social capital and overall online reputation.

You cannot be an authority without a receptive audience.
A receptive audience is one that listens and is receptive to the discussions of members of the community. To capture this aspect, the PeerIndex Score includes an Audience score we calculate for each profile.

Return On Inluence

The phrase “ROI” is generally recognised as “Return on Investment” – however in the digital era it now has new meaning “Return on Influence

I personally receive much Return on Influence (ROI) in the shape of a meaningful extended social network, more traffic to our website the Online Marketing Academy and a steady stream of new clients won mainly of the strength the content we write which is distributed widely and in turn positively impacts on search.

The term “Return on Influence” is described eloquently in the book of the same name by Mark W. Schaefer. Return On Influence is an excellent book, which incidentally was gifted to me by PeerIndex as a #PeerPerks. Click here to see if you are eligible to receive a free copy of Return on Influence by Mark W Schaefer.

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