Writing Compelling Website Content

Have you noticed how writing styles have been changing? I have to admit to not having read a book for about three years, this is sad I know but I read at least 10 times more now than I ever did before, but this reading is all web based via my PC browser and my iPad. Writing styles are more relaxed today by most authors and bloggers I read, is this a sign of the times? Is this because more people have access to to write for am audience because of easy access to the internet and social media? I think that this is a good thing because their content is easier and more fun to read, and as … [Read more...]

The many Benefits of a Business Blog

Tweet Static websites no longer cut the mustard in this web 2.0 world and website owners need to be constantly aware of evolution in internet use and how the search engines such as Google change their algorithms to provide information consumers with what they want at the same time as fighting internet crime, spam and high-ranking poor quality content. Blogs containing unique original content are favoured by Google and web surfers, and a good blog operated by a social media savvy website manager will gain more authority as readers tweet, book mark and comment on the blog. Top Ten … [Read more...]

Blogging and Social Media – Essential Bed Fellows

Tweet Blogging and Social Media Bangers and mash, tea and biscuits, beer and football, what do they all have in common? Great pairs. On their own they are all enjoyable enough but together something special happens and a killer combination is created. The idea of a killer combination is not history but is so relevant to society today. For those of you who are out on the web, either as entrepreneurs or representing a business the power of a killer combo is essential to your success. The potential that lies in blogging & social media for businesses We are all aware of the … [Read more...]

How Blogging Can Build Authority For Your Business

Tweet - How do I drive traffic to my website? That is the number one question when it comes to online marketing these days. People would suggest a wide variety of solutions but in reality the solution lies in the ethical desires of consumers. In today’s world customers are seeking brands and businesses with authenticity and authority. These are the two major keys to success for any aspiring entrepreneur or business. The social media craze has created an open and accessible approach to millions but it is only those who can present themselves effectively as authorities in their … [Read more...]