The end of an Era and a bright new future for Britannica

I fondly remember turning the pages of Encyclopedia Britannica in my youth and thinking about it we all took the collection for granted as volumes could be seen on the bookshelves of many homes. Encyclopedia Britannica was first published Edinburgh in 1768 and although publication moved to the United States in 1901 the Encyclopedia was a British Institution, and it maintained British spelling to the present day. Encyclopedia Britannica and the Online version is owned by Swiss investor Jacqui Eli Safra, who (incidentally) owns Spring Mountain Vineyards in California. Anyway enough of my … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Why Digital Marketing and Social Media? Social Mediaas a broad term is about community, conversation and meaningful engagement with either family and friends or with clients or prospects or as in my case all of the above. Digital Marketing as a broad term is about "Marketing" My Definition of Digital Marketing "identify what the customer wants and then deliver a more than adequate service to them which meets their want and needs and to do this at a fair price" Digital Marketing and Social Media Technology Those who seek to leverage Social Media and Digital Marketing for business benefit … [Read more...]

Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

The online marketing toolbox is constantly evolving with an ever changing assortment of new and innovative marketing tools but in the hustle and bustle of the web do we often accept new and improved and scrap older mediums and throw the baby out with the bath water? Permission based Email marketing is an established and proven marketing medium and it is still a relevant marketing tool. Most businesses though don’t use this important marketing method to its full potential. Email marketing offers three benefits that other mediums often miss: Familiarity Top of mind awareness, and … [Read more...]

Do all Businesses Need an Online Marketing Strategy?

Most business owners and marketers accept that the Marketing Mix has changed because of the evolution of online marketing technology and if they want to appear on the front page of Google in the future and sell more stuff they have three choices. 1. Spend a lot of money Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC). Or 2. Invest in organic search strategies. Or 3. Both of the above. The Online Marketing Academy invests very little PPC advertising because we have a mature organic “Search Marketing” Strategy and this brings us more business than we can cope with, but this enviable position has been … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing – Is FaceBook Right for Your Business?

Is FaceBook Right for Your Business? Facebook is the largest of the Social Networks which connects, joins, and informs millions of people (prospects?). FaceBook has been the topic for thousands books, millions of blog posts and even an Hollywood film so there has to be something in it. The FIRST question for business is, should we be on FaceBook as a brand? Well, for many people (consumers) Facebook is part of their daily routine, from posting updates, checking in with friends or chatting in groups. => this raises the SECOND question for business; can business leverage this for … [Read more...]

Social Media and the Digital Marketing Mix

Social Media and the New Digital Marketing Mix Search engines used to rely heavily on Inbound links to determine the authority of a website and whilst they still matter social media is quickly becoming a key source of website authority ranking by the search engines. In February this year Google updated their Search Algorithm, a change they named Panda in order to return better, fresher, newer content to the top of searches. You can read more about Google Panda here. Why Social Media is Important in the Marketing Mix. The search engines are businesses which survive and prosper by … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing – Do you have a Mega-Brand-Mindset?

A Paradigm Shift in Marketing Technology In the blink of eye and entire movement in marketing has changed from push to pull, I personally receive 90%+ less junk mail through my letter box than I did 5 years ago and I receive 95%+ more opted-in marketing email messages than I did 5 years ago. This is really cool because I receive information and deals on the stuff that I want and when I want something new, I search Google for it. Not long ago most TV commercials call to action was Ring the telephone hotline, or "answers on a postcard? today however almost every TV commerical … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing is about future value because….

We live in a fast forward world where very few people listen until they actually want something. The volume of marketing messages delivered to us is huge and this makes the marketing space very complicated to see, absorb, and leverage. It’s like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack but bigger. We only think about looking for the needle when we need to darn our socks and when that time comes we type “where is the needle” into Google! The trouble with this is that there are many businesses trying to sell needles, so in order to be found online and sell lots of needles you … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing – A conversation about Klout

Tweet Digital Marketing – A conversation about Klout Klout seems to be on everyone’s lips today, at least in the circles I roll in, and there is a pattern emerging in the conversation. Those that have a low Klout Score say: Klout is irrelevant. Those with a high Klout score say: Klout is very important and relevant. Those who say Klout is irrelevant accuse those with high Klout scores of making a lot of “Noise” and manipulating Klout, and those with high Klout scores say that they just engage within their communities and their Klout score is-what-it-is. On which side of … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing – Business is a Battle Fought Online

Tweet Business is a Battle Being Fought Online and if your Online Marketing Strategy ain’t up to the fight, your business is going down! No if’s, No But’s, you have to be up-for-the-fight and be prepared to invest in the best weapons to win. Your marketing armoury: #1. Web 2.0 Website #2. Great Content #3. SEO and Search Compliant #4. Social Media Strategy #5. Compliment of Digital Resources #6. Growing Social Network (Mick is mixing his metaphores again. Sorry!) It’s Not Logical Captain When so much is at stake it is illogical to guess, take pot luck or invest in free of … [Read more...]