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GDPR for UK Websites

There is no doubt that GDPR is a scary business. They say that if you currently have a strong privacy policy that you should be OK! Truth is, most micro and small businesses don't have an adequate company wide and website privacy policy, and there is no single source or easy fix for completing GDPR requirements for your website or your wider business. If you are a UK micro or small business owner worried about GDPR please leave me a short message via our contact us page and i'll arrange a telephone appointment for a conversation and to give you a little guidance. … [Read more...]

Mind Boggling Facebook Statistics Entering 2012

Can it really be true that 50.3% - That's one in every two Americans has a Facebook account? Well according to the highly respected "World Internet Stats News" yes they do! and if you are of a certain age (like me) this really makes the mind boggle.. The official Facebook stats page reports that Facebook now has "more than 800 Million active users" and 50% of us log on to Facebook in any given day to interact with more than 900 Million objects (pages, groups, events and community pages). The average Facebook user has 130 friends and between us we upload 250 million photos per day ! Glad I … [Read more...]

What Does Mick Say the Digital Coach Do?

What Does Mick Say the Digital Coach Do? The Digital Coach works with organisations to improve or implement systems to improve business productivity. If you would like to speak to an Digital Coach please contact Mick Say via the contact page above. … [Read more...]

When FaceBook Becomes a Bank

The high-street banks, and mega-brand financial institutions are all under attack, in many cases even without their knowledge. Their foundations are been quietly chipped away and are becoming increasingly weak. But where is the attack coming from and who is the enemy? The enemy is within, senior executives, marketers, branch managers and loan approvers, very few of whom really understand how the world has changed outside of their glass towers. I am not having a go at the banks and for sure I want to see them survive because the alternative is too horrible to contemplate, when FaceBook … [Read more...]

Hello to my Twitter Friends

Thank You for following me on Twitter. My mission in is to help UK businesses to excel online, to help them grow their businesses via more personal social interactions, we do this in two ways: 1. We provide clients with State-or-the-Art Online Marketing Platforms 2. We provide clients with the very latest Social Media training If your not following me on Twitter yet please click here for my Twitter profile: @micksay, and if you are a prospective new client please don't hesitate to ring me on +44 7719 061 835 … [Read more...]

Twitter Money Myth and Madness

Did you hear the one about "Make Big Money on Twitter" ? If it wasn't so scary it would be funny, but of course its serious stuff because unscrupulous Internet marketers and uninformed Internet affiliates are having a negative affect on unsuspecting people and business owners who believe the hype. Any person who buys into these get rich quick or build thousands of Twitter Followers Fast schemes will be A. Disappointed, B. Get suspended by Twitter, C. Lose their investment, D. become disillusioned with Twitter, and F. be thoroughly pissed off by the experience! Social Media Strategy with … [Read more...]

WordPress Website Development Club

The WordPress Website Owners Club The WordPress Website Club is a WordPress Website Development club. Each club level includes a premium website designed around the WordPress Content Management Engine. WordPress club members will benefit from a premium WordPress Website developed to their specification. Club members will decide how much of the initial development work they want to do or leave to us dependent on their experience, available time and required features. WordPress Website Owners Club Once we have finished developing the website and installing the required features, Club … [Read more...]

Social Currency

Social Media Marketing - Why ? Because the world and we humans have evolved and you have to be in business for the long-haul because short-term-ism and complacency will kill your business stone dead! Alternatively - Social Media Marketing can help your business to evolve, grow and prosper as you accrue Social Currency. How Can a Small Business - Accrue Social Currency ? Importantly: In exactly the same way the global mega-brands do! The Internet levels the playing field for all players, its not the player with the biggest budget that wins, its the player with knowledge of how to leverage … [Read more...]

My Favourite Social Author

Seth Godin is my Favourite Author for two really cool reasons. Firstly I don't read physical books, I do not have the time. But I spend a lot of time reading blogs and stuff online and on my iPhone using my6Sense Seth writes a daily blog which is delivered to my PC and my iPhone, It's a great blog because he writes really sophisticated stuff in bite-size-chunks which even I can understand. Its very educational for any person, of any age, any gender and any occupation. I reccomend that you sign up to Seth's Blog Even Cooler than Seth's Blog are Seth's Audio Books. Search for Seth Godin … [Read more...]

Pesky Website Salesmen

Business is a Battle Being Fought Online and if your Online Marketing Strategy ain’t up to the fight, your business is going down! No if’s, No Butt’s, you have to be up-for-the-fight and be prepared to invest in the best weapons to win. We are not the cheapest design firm, but we do offer the very best value for money and return on your website investment. I am not a web designer (am really) I am a general helping you to build your battle-plan to take down those pesky competitors. Website and Online Marketing Prices Because you have to work to budgets and you want to know how much your … [Read more...]