Social Media Give Away – Syrinx Za Skin Therapy Bar

A Meaningful Social Media Give Away, from Syrinx Za You don't see that very often!! > Our client, Syrinx Za is new Skin Care brand based in the UK and to promote the launch of the new website and products we are giving away 2000 bars of the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar. This product is a natural, hand-made cold processed soap. Made from pure natural, sustainable products right here in the UK. The soap has amazing properties for moisturising and removing toxins from the skin. Social Sharing is the Key to Success Ashley Metcalfe, Chief Executive said: Our products have been clinically … [Read more...]

Buy a Google Nexus 7 in the UK – FAIL

Come on Google! You know I love you and you know I reside in the UK. But your Nexus 7 adverting campaign on today is a big fat, frustrating fail for me... Excitedly I clicked your link to pre-order 2 x Nexus 7 Tablets.. However at the shopping cart the image of the charger is of a USA 2-pin 110 Volt charger and not a UK 3 pin plug charger... So I telephoned support and asked if I would receive a USA version or a UK version and the customer service agent I spoke to could not give me a definitive answer!! So I cancelled my order.. I want to buy 2 x Google Nexus 7 Tablets … [Read more...]

Is your website ready for the EU Cookie Law?

The EU Cookie Law came in to effect in 2011 but the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) decided it was fair to give website owners one year to find solutions and implement the rules. The deadline for implementation is the 26TH of May 2012; After this date, websites which do not comply with the law could be fined up to a whopping £500,000.00 – Ouch!! In simple terms, the new rules require websites to get permission from their visitors before placing any cookies on their computers. Permission must be informed and CLEARLY sought, which means you have to ask visitors outright if you can put … [Read more...]

Search Engine Optimisation for the Social Web #SocialMedia

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Owning a website for business development is a positive step in the right direction, but it’s only half of the battle. Getting found online is the difficult bit. No matter what category or niche you are in, you are going to have strong online competition, but the good news is that with knowledge of social media and Search Engine Optimisation you can plan to overcome your competition and beat them to the first page or even the number one organic ranking spots on Google. Content is King and SEO Knowledge is his Queen. Could Good Search … [Read more...]

#MotoGP with Danny Webb & Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

Two things I really love – Ice Cream and Moto GP… Mix the two together and I’m having a great day. I recently read a press release about the talented Young Danny Webb who is a rising Moto GP star riding for MAHINDRA RACING and sponsored by Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. I am not connected to Danny Webb or Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. I am just a big fan of both… The daring 21 years old Danny Webb is appearing at the at the Tutti Frutti store at: 2 Bedford Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9HH to serve frozen yogurt and meet his fans on Friday 30th March 2012. If you can support and … [Read more...]

Do we need a website in the Social Media age?

I still have a few business contacts who tell me that they do not have or need a website because they have Facebook and or other Social Media Platforms as their free online resources. Wise or Wasteful? My answer to the "Do businesses need a website?" question is unequivocal. Yes, businesses do need a website because the only constant on the internet is the internet. I am sure that people will call me biased because my company is a website design and development company, but my motives are clear. Every business needs a website because a website is the only place on the internet where the … [Read more...]

What is Influencer Marketing? #SocialMedia

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on key individuals rather than the whole target market. It identifies individuals with influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers. "we are on the cusp of a marketing revolution that is being led by you: the citizen influencer Azeem Azhar: CEO PeerIndex Social Influencer Marketing Social Influence is not new; Social Influencer Marketing has been a tactic used in physical networking and consumer groups for many years but the emergence and popularity of Social Media and the … [Read more...]

#SocialMedia – Social Media Speakers

Mick Say - Social Media Speaker Social Media is playing a pivotal role in the evolution of the internet. Social Media provides the platform which connects people in a way never previously possible with any other medium. Social Media includes web-based and mobile technologies which are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue. These internet-based applications allow the easy creation and exchange of user-generated content. A Motivational Speaker in Social Media Mick Say is an Online Business Development Consultant at the Online Marketing Academy. Mick is an early Social … [Read more...]

Michelle Harris Joins the Online Marketing Academy

Michelle Harris - Social Media Manager - Online Marketing Academy Please welcome the multi-talented, Michelle (“Techie Minx”) Harris to the team at the Online Marketing Academy. Michelle Harris joins the team with a wide brief as Social Media Manager, this important, strategic appointment will allow the Online Marketing Academy to grow as Michelle utilizes her skills and knowledge to keep the Online Marketing Academy at the cutting edge of Social Media and Digital Marketing. Michelle's initial duties will include the modernisation of our satellite websites and she will also take the … [Read more...]

How to write a sizzling bio, with no cheese or hype or BS

How to write a sizzling bio, with no cheese or hype or BS Well that’s a challenge. It’s ingrained in us all, when we settle down to write about our life and achievements, we fall back on the old clichés...and suddenly we’re all “pro-active individuals with a passion for success” instead of the distinctive, interesting people we really are! If you’re writing a bio for a web page, please don’t fall into this trap. Keep in mind, you’re writing something to showcase your achievements and personality – to persuade the reader that you’re more than just a competent pro. You’re an all-round … [Read more...]